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Mac Clock Screensavers: 8 Best Options

Screensavers for desk monitors are the perfect complement to an Apple setup. With a well-designed flip clock screensaver, you instantly elevate your workspace, while giving you the time in an innovative way – whether you are using your MacBook, iMac, or external monitor. With the ability to customize iOS home screens and app icons on your iPhone and iPad, now is the time to step up your Mac setup!

With our top 8 Mac clock screensavers list, you can pick the next best one for your home office setup.

You can find instructions for installing clock screensavers on macOS here. Most screensavers have their own unique instructions.

Top 8 Mac Clock Screensavers

Below are some of the best mac clock screensavers that you may need to know:

1.Flip Clocker – Mac Clock Screensaver

Flip clocker is a screen saver app that efficiently uses screen space by displaying a clock with flipping numbers or hands. It can mimic the look and feel of vintage flip clocks and can be customized with different clock styles, colors, and fonts. It can also be set to play sounds or music at certain times. Flip clocker serves as a decorative element and a way to keep track of the time while a device is inactive.

2.Fliqlo – Retro Flip Clock Screensaver

Fliqlo is a classic Mac screensaver that you’re probably familiar with if you’ve been on setup pages. It has a simple clock design that acts like a traditional calendar and flips as time passes. This screensaver is designed in black and white, so it’s not too distracting and looks great no matter what desk setup you have.

3.Flix – Colourful flip clock screensaver

The Flix by yours truly flip clock adds style instantly to any Mac setup with its modern take on the retro flip clock design. With its sleek black color theme and nine color themes, Flix Plus adds style to any Mac setup. Besides offering a smooth flip clock animation that adds dynamism without distracting, Flix also offers customizable clock options – whether you want 12-hour clocks, 12-hour clocks with AM and PM, or 24-hour clocks.

With its versatility and wide range of applications, Flix will make any setup unique and sophisticated.

4.Simple Analog Watch Clock Screensaver

Whether you’re a watch enthusiast or just have an appreciation for watch design, you’ll enjoy these two Mac screensavers. Both are based on the simple layout of an analog watch clock and provide a minimal, yet classy look for your Mac.

With this screensaver, you can choose from a variety of analog clock aesthetics – from minimal to sophisticated. 

5.Polar Clock Screensaver

This amazing Mac screensaver has a flat design and vivid neon colors to help your setup stand out. Besides displaying the time in an unusual way, it also has a flat design with bright neon colors, to help make your setup stand out.

6.Black & White Minimalist Clock Screensaver

Are you looking for the perfect clock screensaver to match your minimalist desk setup? Check out these sleek Mac screensavers that tell you the time without taking up too much space.

7.Color Clock Screensaver

Screensavers such as The Color Clock are perfect for designers looking for a pop of color on their desks. Starting at black at midnight, the background gradually changes to white throughout the day.

8.Padbury Clock Mac Screensaver

It features a simple digital clock layout centered on a black backdrop, designed by Robert Padbury, and is a fan favorite. With its thin numeric design reminiscent of iOS 7 lockscreens, the Padbury digital clock screensaver is ideal for any Mac screen, offering a sleeker look similar to iOS.


Mac clock screensavers are a great way to add style and functionality to your Apple setup. There are many options to choose from, ranging from modern and colorful flip clocks to retro flip clocks and gradient clocks. Some screensavers are inspired by analog watch designs, while others offer a minimalist or anime-inspired aesthetic. 

No matter what your preferences are, there is a Mac clock screensaver that will suit your needs and add a unique touch to your workspace. If you’re new to installing clock screensavers on macOS, be sure to read the installation instructions provided in the download links to ensure a smooth setup process.

If you’re new to installing clock screensavers on macOS, be sure to read the installation instructions provided in the download links. Some screensavers may have unique instructions. If you want to customize your Mac setup even further, check out our full guide on how to make your Mac aesthetic.

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