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MABY – The Best Platform To Find Nail Salons Near Me

According to many online resources, the market size, measured by revenue, of the Hair & Nail Salons industry is $72.7bn in 2022 with a growth rate of roughly 4%. Even during the pandemic, people’s beauty needs also increased. New and established salons still attract many customers. Many of these established nail salons are very traditional, therefore,  the owners currently use phone and paper systems to manage their bookings and operations. In order for the nail salon industry to run more efficiently, they will need to change their old ways and adapt technology to their businesses. To help reduce the management burden for nail salon owners and advance the goal toward digital transformation of the nail salon industry, the Maby application was born.

Maby Agility acts as a flexible Robot. Maby helps the salon owner operate and manage the business efficiently by handling all bookings online and directing customers to the right salon accordingly by the feature ‘Find Nail Salons Near Me’

For nail salon owners in the US:

– Maby is the only tool currently on the market that supports the management of operating costs (including the sharing ratio with workers) and classifying expenses according to the standards and requirements on Schedule C of the tax department.

– Maby provides a transparent management system between the salon and the workers (or many workers) according to each invoice. The customer will indicate tips for each worker.

– Maby provides transparency and removes misinformation on the appointments and tasks assignments in the nail salon 

Maby’s intuitive reporting system will help you easily control your business.

– You can view income and expenditure reports by day/week/month.

– Support to export income statement files by month or period required by the nail salon.

For customers

– Maby’s internal research shows more than 60% of all bookings made on the Maby app occur after the business hour, i.e. customers make appointments online when the nail salons are already closed and phone calls are not an option. With Maby, customers can make appointments anytime, anywhere, and with any salon on Maby’s ecosystem. 

– Online payment support: Support different payment methods, giving users more flexible choices.

– Packages and membership cards: Offer your customers or loved one’s preferential packages and membership cards. You make the proper rules for your salon, and Maby will do the rest for you.

– Vouchers: Send customers promotional codes and discounts to help them get more attention, helping to increase the rate of returning to use the service.

– Smart Maby will discover nail salons near you using location and positioning via GPS.

No 2 convenient Maby apps, no 1 convenient support app in the nail. Download App Maby now to receive great deals every day!!!

MABY – Help Find Nail Salons Near You

Maby is the best platform to connect customers, nail artists, and nail salons. 

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Hotline: +1-833-557-0077

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