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Maby – Making Women Confident about Their Nails 

Sometimes nail care is often overlooked as an important part of self-care, but it is actually very crucial for the overall well-being of a person. Nails are one of the most visible parts of our body and should be taken care of. Well-cared, trimmed and neat nails not only look beautiful and boost our confidence, but are also a reflection of our personality. If our nails are well-maintained, we don’t have to be conscious about its appearance. When we neglect nail care, we expose our nails to harmful bacteria that could lead to bacterial or even fungal infections. One nifty application that facilitates nail salons and customers alike, and promotes nail care is Maby, which was founded by Kyle Khoan.  Kyle Khoan came up with the idea of Stickupz LLC in March 2019, the name of which was later changed to Maby-Search for Nail Salons Near You in 2020. Maby has two offices in Pennsylvania, USA, and Hanoi and it currently operates in United States, Canada, Vietnam and Australia where its official website was launched in 2022. Maby is a user-friendly application that connects customers with the best nail salons in their vicinity. It not only makes it easier for nail salons to reach and attract potential customers but also assists them by maintaining the records and information of the customers. The app also helps customers’ book slots at their preferred nail salons. 

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Through Maby, business owners can check their daily, monthly and yearly income and expenses and the app also has a review and rating section which enables business owners to identify their weaknesses and areas of improvement through client feedback. This app is not only profitable for the owners of the app, but it also benefits the nail salons that are listed on the app.

Due to the health and cosmetic benefits of nail care, the Nail salon Industry has evolved over the past decade and its demand is also increasing significantly. Leading market research publisher Marketdata LLC released a report which states that the nail salon industry in the United States has reached a value of $8 billion with almost 28,000 small businesses operating in the country. These statistics do not include the 17.3 billion sole proprietors and nail technicians who are not working in the retail facility. In United States the total spending on nail salon services in 2013 was $8.28 billion, which increased a little in 2018 to $8.36 billion. Compared to 2008 figure of $6.3 billion, the spending on nail salon services has increased significantly over the years. There has also been employment growth as well, with the period 2013 to 2018 seeing growth from 364,247 to 395,658 nail technicians.

The demand for nail care didn’t slow down even during the pandemic and continues to increase. Today, the nail industry is famous globally in the fashion industry and gained popularity because of several trends and the constant capital growth associated with them. Regular appointments with your nail technician not only allow them to assess your nail’s health regularly, but it’s the best way to relax and enjoy a little bit of pampering as well. Beautiful and healthy-looking nails help us build our unique personas and applications like Maby make it possible for us to achieve that.

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