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M1 Finance vs. Charles Schwab

M1 Finance vs Charles Schwab

M1 Finance and Charles Schwab are two famous investment platforms but follow a different approach to the investment process. After reading this M1 Finance vs. Charles Schwab comparison, you will be able to pick the best investing tool. M1 Finance is a free investing tool with a $100 minimum balance.  On the other hand, Charles Schwab doesn’t restrict investors with a minimum balance.

Charles Schwab is an advanced investing tool, while M1 Finance is a beginner-friendly platform. M1 Finance is a free Robo-advisor, while Schwab allows you to manage your account for free. 

What Is M1 Finance?

M1 Finance is an easy-to-use platform suitable for beginners. If you want to get started with the stock market, you should opt for M1 Finance. This platform allows you to customize your portfolio according to your needs. But, creating your portfolio doesn’t require much experience.

The platform focuses on creating investment pies, so you can create your portfolio on different ETFs and stocks. Also, you can define the percentage of the portfolio to allocate to each market. Once you create your portfolio, you can deposit your initial investment and start your journey in the investment market. It’s that simple.

When you deposit the amount on the platform, it automatically allocates that portion on the pie. On top of that, the automatic rebalancing feature ensures that you stay close to your target allocations. This feature automatically keeps you on the right track and allows you to buy low and sell high. If you don’t want to create your investment pie, you can use default investment pies for free. Some benefits of using M1 Finance are:

  • Zero fees investing
  • M1 Borrow
  • Wide range of investing options
  • Smart balancing
  • Fractional shares
  • Reasonable minimum balance

What is Charles Schwab?

Charles Schwab is a popular online brokerage in the market. The platform contains more than $3.3 trillion worth of assets. Thus, this platform is listed as the 14th largest banking institution in the U.S. The platform offers a wide range of features such as the local advisor and full-service investment management. Charles Schwab is suitable for many different types of investors. Here are some major features of Charles Schwab:

  • Stock and ETFs are commission-free
  • Live trading platform
  • Human financial advisor
  • Wide range of securities such as ETFs, bonds, and stocks
  • Educational materials for investors

M1 Finance and Charles Schwab are incredible platforms that offer many effective tools and features to investors. These platforms are suitable for all types of investors. Let’s learn why you should choose these platforms:

Why Choose Charles Schwab?

Many advanced traders find Charles Schwab an effective tool for the complex financial situation. But, you should integrate a Financial Planner with this tool for better performance. Furthermore, the tool offers many different types of securities.

Students can use this platform for a college savings account and choose from 529 plans. If you want to save money for college, then you can choose this platform. However, if you are an active trader and need a real-time market update, then this platform will be perfect for you. It offers StreetSmart Edge that gives you the ability to rapidly execute transactions.

Why Choose M1 Finance?

M1 Finance is a great tool for investors who want to create portfolios of ETFs and stocks. Furthermore, the platform allows you to choose from pre-built portfolios. These prebuilt portfolios are called Pies, which allow you to view your investments in percentage.

The platform is suitable for beginners as well as professional investors. Whether you want to save for college or retirement, you can choose an account to meet your needs. The platform offers an easy-to-use and simple interface that simplifies the investing process.

Passive investors can use M1 Finance for their investments as well. The platform allows you to automate your investments and set sales and purchase orders according to market conditions. As a result, you can worry less and focus on creating your strategies. Also, when compared with other automated investing tool such as SoFi, M1 Finance is the best option.


Whether you are a beginner or a professional investor, M1 Finance would be the best tool to scale your investment game. If you want to learn more about M1 Finance and how it will enhance your investing decisions, visit this link.

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