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Lystloc’s Live Tracking Is One Of Its Kind – A Revolution In The Field Force Management!

Lystloc is a field force management mobile app platform. With Lystloc, you can enjoy real-time live tracking and monitoring of the field force’s movements and field activities from the comfort of your home or office space. 

This software is completely focused on tracking and reporting the location-based data, on-site employee attendance, task management, data analysis, reporting, and other operations of the field staff. Lystloc is totally based on the latest technology and offers characteristics like speed, scalability, security, and affordability to the customers.

Lystloc can help a business manage its on-field workforce, client meetings, live-tracking their travel routes, work scheduling, work order maintenance, and other things. This app, which uses efficient technology to advance the company, is essentially equivalent to overseeing field employees from the work desk.

Field Force Obstacles Faced By Customers Before Finding Lystloc

The main issue our customers encounter as a corporate organization that relies heavily on field sales and operations is that they find it difficult to manage and keep track of the everyday activities of their field workforce. A business must have up-to-date knowledge about the people who work for them, particularly the field employees, in order to be successful and efficient.

But when it comes to managing the field sales reps that work under their direction, our customers frequently run into problems. To be more precise here are some of the pain points they shared with us are:

  • When working on-field, the daily distance/km traveled by field employees is not accurately known, and miscalculations of fuel allowances at all times.
  • Difficulties in assigning work location hierarchies to their employees when they work away from the office and are not aware of when they move away from it.
  • Tracking the exact location of the sales reps was impossible since the customers didn’t have knowledge of the sales reps’ GPS on/off switch.
  • Difficulty in assigning new tasks to them as sometimes, sales reps don’t pick up calls. The issue is assigning location-based tasks since their exact locations are not known in real time.
  • The hardest work of all was, without a doubt, manually creating and managing all reports of field employees.

Lystloc Came As A Perfect Solution For Their Problems

Because of the above-mentioned problems, customers were burdened with implicit screw-ups such as time waste, reduced productivity, and decreased overall sales performance.  As a result, in order to overcome all of these roadblocks, they cleared up to find the actual right solutions to all of their problems in one go. This was the only wish they had in their mind during those tough times.

During this critical and back-breaking time, they encountered Lystloc’s live tracking solution for field force real-time monitoring. Following the free on-site demo, they signed up for a free trial version. After using the free trial and being pleased with the results, they decided to purchase a paid subscription in less than a few days, even before the free trial period expired.

Here are some of the key features that our customers are really fond of and are using in their business life on a regular basis:

  • Distance Calculator: Customers were able to track the live routes of each field staff and their km traveled accurately with the help of the travel distance calculator feature. Not only this with the fuel reimbursement feature customers also get to know the exact fuel expenses of their workforce which are automatically calculated and shown through the app itself.
  • Location Hierarchy: With this feature on board, customers were able to easily assign location hierarchies to each of their employees; they can geo-fence the employees’ work location to a specific area perimeter. They get alerts and notifications if any of their employees move away from their restricted work location and returning back. They can know if their employees have finished their work before leaving their location, how many hours they were away from their hierarchy location, etc.
  • GPS On/Off Updates: With this option, they could receive real-time notifications on their field employee’s GPS On/Off status, how many hours it had been turned off, and when it was turned back on via in-app notifications even when they were offline. These quick updates assisted the customers in approaching their employees for the purpose of GPS switching On/Off and reminding them if they forgot to switch GPS On at times.
  • Task Assigning: One of the toughest jobs for the customers was assigning work to their field force especially when they are away from the office- on the field. But, now they are able to assign tasks to their employees in no time using the Lystloc app. With live tracking, customers get to see the location of their employees, and their current work status and assign them new work based on their nearest task locations. With this priorities and urgency of the work are met easily without wasting time.
  • Real-time Lystdata Reports: Lystloc also offers customers real-time data insights in automated e-reports like live tracking reports, customizable reports, and various timeframe reports daily, weekly, and monthly for their comfort. Automated report generation makes it simple for businesses to keep track of every task completed by their field staff while also saving time and resources.

Lastly, if you’re searching for a perfect and comprehensive package of field force management software for your business, you should take a look at Lystloc’s live tracking app. Subscribe today and make the most out of this amazing field force live tracking app to increase your workforce productivity! 

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