Lysithea Ventures and BULLZ Reveal Dynamic Partnership To Maximize Success of Web3 Projects

Singapore, Tuesday, May 16, 2023: Lysithea Ventures, a leading cryptocurrency venture capital firm based in South Korea, today announced a promising partnership with BULLZ, a frontrunner in Web3 social platforms and growth marketing. 

Lysithea Ventures, with its deep roots and extensive experience in South Korea, has cultivated valuable connections with top-tier Korean firms and influential personalities. The strategic partnership will broaden the BULLZ ecosystem and significantly increase its visibility among Koreans, by connecting Lysithea Ventures’ impressive portfolio of clients with the extensive creator network on BULLZ.

The collaboration will also forge further networking possibilities between Korean firms and influencers within the BULLZ sphere, by introducing Lysithea Ventures’ network of more than 300 influencers and personalities to BULLZ’s Web3 MarTech tools for monetizing content. 

Founded in 2017, Lysithea Ventures is known for identifying and supporting innovative blockchain projects and initiatives. The firm is at the forefront of the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors, with a focus on driving growth and accelerating the wider adoption of Web3 technologies.

BULLZ is a leading Web3 social platform that empowers creators to get rewarded for video recommendations about Web3, blockchain, NFTs, DeFi, and DAO projects. Successful campaigns have already been run with brands including Monkey League, Youmeme, Safe ZK, and 8 Finance, just to name a few. 

Since its launch in late 2021, the platform has accumulated more than 96k+ videos. Each video is peer-reviewed on average by more than 400+ authenticators, who act like content nodes to bring trust into content. The platform’s integrated WOM Protocol automatically rewards creators for their content and authenticators for their peer-review. 

Through the partnership, both brands will unite to create a collaborative marketing strategy with the mutual goal of growth by maximizing the success of emerging and established Web3 projects.

Emerson Kim, Head of Partnerships at Lysithea Ventures, said:

This partnership with BULLZ represents more than just a collaboration; it’s a fusion of shared visions and goals. We’re excited about the potential this partnership holds and believe that together, we can accelerate the growth of the Web3 social platform space. We look forward to seeing the transformative impact this partnership will have on our communities and beyond.

Melanie Mohr, CEO & Founder of BULLZ, said:

We are thrilled to build a relationship with such a key player in the Web3 community. South Korea is becoming a powerhouse of Web3 innovation and we look forward to bringing our creator economy together with Lysithea Ventures’ portfolio of clients to drive growth not only in the region, but throughout the wider Web3 space.

About Lysithea Ventures

Lysithea Ventures is headquartered in South Korea. Since its inception in 2017, our seasoned team of investment professionals has consistently been at the vanguard of the industry. We’ve earned a reputation for identifying and nurturing breakthrough projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors. Our primary focus is on fostering growth and driving the widespread adoption of these transformative technologies.

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About the WOM Protocol

WOM (word-of-mouth) Protocol is a blockchain-based protocol that gives brands, content creators, publishers, and social networks a way to monetize word-of-mouth recommendations on any website, app, or platform. WOM is backed by dozens of investors from around the globe. 




BULLZ is a dedicated platform for discovering authentic blockchain and crypto-related recommendations. Users can find trending projects, discuss them together with other crypto enthusiasts and experts and can get rewarded for sharing their own videos about the projects and companies they love. With the “create to earn” model, users are rewarded with WOM Tokens for their recommendations directly within the app. 




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