Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage has the ability to make you rejuvenated. If you feel you are tired and need to detoxify your body, then you should opt for this massage. It will surely make you feel relaxed. There are multiple types of massage methods, each with its own specific techniques and benefits for certain parts of the body. In this blog, you will come to know all about lymphatic drainage massage.

What is lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Massage is a soft and gentle movement of fingers, using a special technique. After a massage the fluid called the lymph, approach to all body parts. The lymph fluid leaves the congested parts and moves to all body parts. It makes the body feel light and energetic. What happens basically, in our daily routine, we fail to do exercise and work out, which makes blood circulate in the entire body parts. Making us feel healthy and full of life.

Why is there a need for lymphatic drainage massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a manual kind of massage. It is performed using a special finger’s movement. It normalizes the swollen and stiff parts of arms and legs. People have their own choices. Some people get this massage on legs and arms only. It is recommended that you apply it on your backbone also. Then it will be highly effective. Secondly, this massage should be performed by an experienced and proficient massage therapist.

Which age group should get lymphatic drainage massage?

Individuals of any age, gender can apply for this massage, however lymphatic massage offers potential results to individuals above forty years. There is a reason behind it. The lymphatic fluid begins to retain in certain parts of the body and does not show movement after forty years. This massage enhances the blood circulation. The muscles relieve stress level and regain the ability to move body parts freely.  

Processes of Lymphatic massage

Massage is carried on through a process. The core purpose of this massage is to normalize the swollen parts of the body and relieve the stuck fluid at a certain part of the body. This massage is useful to protect the body against infections and pain. There are two major processes involved to carry on this massage, clearing and reabsorption.


The beginning phase of this massage is cleaning.  This process involves collecting the lymph fluid. This fluid is scattered around the cells and tissue of the body. The aim of clearing is to accumulate the fluid with soft and gradual pressure on the muscles. In other words we can say that clearing paves the way for drainage systems of various excess cellular waste and lymph fluid. This fluid passes through lymphatic vessels. Finally this fluid reaches the lymph nodes. It is the final destination of this fluid. This process promotes the immune system, which was less activated and productive before the clearing process.


The next stage of this massage is reabsorption. This process further revitalizes the lymphatic functions. It is the core process of this massage. Compared to the clearing process, this massage phase is more time consuming. During this process the lymphatic fluid material will be filtered. It became cleaned during the earlier phase.

This fluid is not prepared to be transmitted into the bloodstreams. If you think that you should get only the cleaning phase, then it is recommended that you should avoid taking this massage. Because the second phase is highly essential to prevent muscle pain and promote blood circulation. It is only in the second phase that fluid level is balanced and stress is relieved from the muscles.  

In What Conditions should this massage be avoided?

In most of the cases, lymphatic massage is greatly efficient, however, in certain conditions, applying this message may be inappropriate. If you feel that you are facing a medical condition or chronic pain off and on, then you should not go for this massage. It is better that you get advice from your medical consultant, before getting registered for this massage.

Few conditions where you should not opt for lymphatic drainage massage are cardiac or kidney failure issues. If you are diagnosed with a severe illness or medical condition, you should avoid this massage. Some people have sensitive skin, so it is recommended that you get consultation with a qualified therapist or other medical specialist before drainage massage.

Final Words

Massage therapy leads to a required blood circulation system. It promotes healthy muscles and offers an overall being of an active life. It is a safe and secure method to regain health except in some cases, lymphatic drainage massage should not be taken. It is essential to take good care of health and regular exercise and intake of plenty of water keep the body hydrated. In this massage the body parts release the extra lymphatic fluid congested at one part. It causes unbearable pain and uncomfortable feelings all the time in the body. The bones reduce elasticity and movement. Through this massage, the maximum health problems are resolved.

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