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Luxury Real Estate Developer in Canada: Interview with Benny Marotta, CEO at Solmar Development Corporation

Innovative And Luxury Real Estate Developer in Canada

With over 30 years in real estate development, Solmar combines cutting-edge innovation with timeless design to create some of the most luxurious communities and exquisite family homes in Canada. Solmar CEO Benny Marotta, will be telling us more about the company and his vision for the real estate industry in Canada.

Please tell us a little more about yourself?

My name is Benny Marotta and I am the Founder, President, and CEO of Solmar Development Corp. I am passionate about creating unique, superior-quality residential properties that meet only the highest development and design standards while delivering value for the long-term. I have been bringing that passion and commitment to Solmar since day one, and it drives everything we do. 

What is Solmar Development Corporation?

Solmar is a Toronto-based land development company established more than 30 years ago. We are a privately-owned and family-owned and operated company focused on designing and building the best luxury homes and condominiums in the land development industry. Our attention to detail and next-level luxury design is without equal.

What types of developments do you specialize in at Solmar and who are your target customers and how does one qualify for a Solmar home?

We specialize in master-planned luxury residential communities in and throughout the Greater Toronto area. This includes luxury homes and condominium developments set apart by timeless and sophisticated architectural design. Each property is designed, developed and built to meet the highest industry standards. Our target customers include anyone seeking an amazing design experience, and who wants nothing more than to own and live in a home that matches their style and aligns with their personal vision. The only qualification for buying and living in a Solmar home is the desire to see their dream home come to life. 

Where does your inspiration come from when planning and developing the Solmar homes and communities?

Our inspiration comes not only from the incredible ideas and vision of each individual client, but also from the latest, most exciting trends, features, and quality standards in luxury home design and development. We are inspired by the pursuit of new home and condo development design and construction that meets each client’s way of life while delivering a satisfying living experience to the homeowner. We are also motivated by the opportunity to build communities that push the boundaries of what’s possible in luxury home design, and which continually redefine what luxury living can and should be. Our aim is to deliver something truly unique and special with each new development.   

Tell us more about your already existing Communities, what makes them special, any success stories to share with us on your family homes, condominium communities, business parks or commercial developments?

We have designed and developed a number of luxury homes and communities across the Greater Toronto landscape, though some of more notable properties and success stories have come over the last 20+ years. These include our Maplewood Park Detached Homes project in Maple, the high-rise Bellaria Residences in Vaughan, the Parkview Heights community in Bradford, the Cannery Park development in Niagara-on-the-Lake, the beautiful high rise towers of Park Avenue Place, Edge Towers in MIssissauga, The Windsor Luxury development in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and many more. We take pride in each of these properties and the hard work and creativity that went into making each a standout luxury development. 

What are the advantages of purchasing a Solmar family home and living in the Solmar-built communities, do you offer any after-sales support?

Working with Solmar not only ensures homeowners receive an amazing, unique luxury home designed to fit their lifestyle, but also an unparalleled customer service experience from start to finish. Once the client purchases a Solmar home, they receive dedicated support and service at each step of the process. Solmar professionals are always available to answer questions, address concerns and deliver a focused quality-control process that gives each homeowner control. 

Our after-sales support includes Pre-Delivery Inspection, a 30-Day Form process and a Year-End Form to note and address any issues with the new property. This after-sales process ensures homeowners have access to Solmar homebuyer support up to a year beyond the initial purchase.

What are you currently working on, and are there any exciting new projects we should expect?

We have recently started construction on the 3rd tower of the Edge Towers project, and are nearing completion of our Park Avenue development. Both residential projects have reached the sold-out stage.

Additionally, we are now designing and planning a luxury condominium development in Brampton. Once finished, this project will be designated as the highest towers in the city. 

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