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Luxury Entrepreneur Willi Würms Revives Panama’s Ron Calero in Collaboration with Rum Maestro Don Pancho

A Fusion of Expertise and Passion: Willi Würms and Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez Unveil a New Chapter for the Iconic 19th-Century Rum Brand


In a monumental collaboration that intertwines financial acumen with a deep love for the craft, Swiss-Latin entrepreneur Willi Würms has joined forces with legendary rum maestro Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez to breathe new life into Ron Calero. This cherished rum brand, rooted in Panama’s late 19th-century heritage, is set to re-enter the market under the guidance of Würms and Don Pancho, promising a blend of sophistication, authenticity, and tradition.


Reviving a Legacy


In an exclusive conversation, Würms passionately discussed his recent projects and advocacy for emerging entrepreneurs. Emphasizing the importance of continuous learning, he shed light on the significance of adaptation in the ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape. Ron Calero, renowned for its rich legacy and exquisite taste, is poised to captivate rum enthusiasts and luxury connoisseurs alike. Each bottle is a testament to the collaboration’s commitment to quality and preserving Panama’s esteemed rum-making tradition.

“We are not just reintroducing Ron Calero; we are reviving a legacy,” expressed Willi Würms. “Working alongside Don Pancho, a visionary in rum craftsmanship, is an honor. Together, we are bringing a piece of Panama’s rich history to the world.”


A Narrative Woven with Global Culture


As Ron Calero prepares to re-enter the market, it weaves a narrative intricately connected to global culture and tradition. Willi Würms, leveraging his diverse cultural background and profound understanding of the luxury market, adds unparalleled sophistication to the brand. Guided by Don Pancho’s expertise, Ron Calero emerges as an art form, embodying Caribbean authenticity with a distinct Panamanian flair.

Würms, a notable figure in international finance and entrepreneurship, has ventured into luxury yachting and various sectors recently. His global background has allowed him to make a significant impact, with ventures ranging from high-end watches to exquisite spirits. Würms’ keen ability to identify and prosper in lucrative niche sectors is evident in his expansion into the luxury market and his deep interest in luxury yachting.


The Entrepreneurial Journey


His unwavering commitment to confidentiality is central to Würms’ success, a crucial trait in his high-stakes environment. His journey reflects cultural diversity, professional integrity, and entrepreneurial victories, showcasing an extraordinary blend of global experiences coupled with a steadfast dedication to maintaining both traditional values and forward-thinking perspectives.

Würms shared insights into his collaboration with an Andorran-based Multi-Family Office, detailing a multimillion-dollar deal that involved successfully transferring over USD 1 billion in assets from UBS to the Multi-Family Office within six months. This strategic move marked a pivotal moment in his journey, solidifying his transition to an independent entrepreneur and businessman.


In a captivating exploration of a life that transcends borders, industries, and cultures, entrepreneur and financial luminary Willi Würms unveils his remarkable journey. Würms, a visionary in hotel management and international finance, has seamlessly navigated through continents, leaving an indelible mark as a trusted advisor for elite clientele in Europe and Latin America.


Hailing from a multicultural Swiss-Latin American family, Würms’ early years were a tapestry of diverse experiences across Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Germany, and Switzerland. This rich cultural tapestry shaped his worldview and honed his linguistic finesse, making him fluent in German, Spanish, French, and English – a testament to his education in prestigious Swiss and German schools.


The trajectory of Würms’ career showcases a blend of passion, education, and strategic choices. Initiated into the world of hospitality at Luzern’s renowned Hotel Management School, he later embraced a scholarship from Credit Suisse that propelled him into the dynamic realm of finance. Excelling in investment fund controlling and wealth management at UBS, Würms cultivated enduring relationships in the Latin American market, serving as a director based in both Panama and Switzerland.


In an insightful interview with TechBullion, Würms shared the key to his success – an unwavering resilience and a positive perspective in the face of life’s challenges. His ability to approach difficulties with a forward-looking mindset has not only defined his personal journey but has also contributed to his stature as an influential figure in the global financial landscape. As a beacon of cross-cultural success, Willi Würms continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and finance professionals worldwide.


Bridging Passions and Preservation: Vision for Sustainable Luxury


In a poignant statement, Willi Würms, renowned for his passion for supercars, luxurious yachts, and private jets, reveals his entrepreneurial mission to connect environmental preservation with the opulent realms of luxury industries.


Würms clarifies that he doesn’t identify as a traditional climate activist and does not advocate for extreme measures. Instead, he envisions a unique opportunity to link environmental advocates with influential figures like himself, acknowledging the potential for collaboration in impactful initiatives. His goal is not to prompt individuals to relinquish their cherished luxuries but to inspire the affluent, entrepreneurs, and influential personalities to invest in a larger cause. Imagining a future where technology transforms these passions into carbon-neutral pursuits, Würms aims to ensure people can enjoy their hobbies without causing harm to the environment.


Würms passionately expresses his commitment to shaping a world where technological advancements harmonize with environmental responsibility, particularly as a father and custodian of the future. Emphasizing the importance of creating a world where luxury and sustainability coexist for future generations, he underlines the need for collective responsibility.


In an inclusive message to green activists, Würms encourages them to perceive him as an ally rather than an adversary. He recognizes the potential for collaborative efforts, tapping into networks and resources that might otherwise be inaccessible. Together, Würms believes they can propel towards a more sustainable future, blending the best of luxury with environmental conscientiousness.


To fellow enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, Willi urges them to recognize their power in reshaping industries, pioneering technologies, and establishing new standards. Calling for collective leadership, he envisions a world where luxury and sustainability seamlessly intertwine, setting the stage for a paradigm shift in how we perceive opulence and its impact on the environment.



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