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Luxor Global is Taking Retail of Luxury Goods on the Secondary Market to a New Level by Establishing Luxor Asia  

Luxor Global has established Luxor Asia, its Asian subsidiary that would bring it closer to the luxury goods community in Asia, which is expected to see the strongest growth as compared to other regional markets worldwide, driven in particular by an expanding middle class and increasing levels of disposable income fuelling growth in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

It is no secret that the luxury goods sector is a fast-growing industry that has seen consistent growth over the past 5 years, witnessed a post-pandemic boom over the past 2 years, and according to a study conducted by leading management firm Bain & Company, expected to continue to see strong growth through to 2025.

This strong growth, coupled with global supply chain issues has also led to demand outstripping supply for products from certain luxury brands, leading to the rise of secondary market retailers to meet market demand. 

The rise of secondary market retailers is a trend that is particularly evident when it comes to luxury watches, bags, rare gems, and high-end jewelry, and is where companies like Luxor Global fill a market niche within the world of luxury. 

Primarily focused on luxury watches, bags, and high-grade gems and jewelry, Luxor Global works with auction houses, private collectors, connoisseurs & dealers worldwide to bring to our clients the objects of their desire while giving them absolute peace of mind when it comes to the item’s authenticity, delivery conditions, and provenance.

However, Luxor Global is taking things one step further by looking to go beyond guaranteeing an item’s authenticity, delivery conditions, and provenance. The company is looking further to add value to every purchase made by its clients with its focus on service, community, and convenience.

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Luxor Asia goes beyond the trading of luxury goods by actively carrying out community engagement & outreach efforts for connoisseurs of luxury products. Most notably, Luxor Asia has established a membership scheme that gathers like-minded hobbyists and connoisseurs where members get to share the latest news, learn about product launches, and gain first-hand information on investment opportunities within the world of luxury goods, thereby enabling its members to enjoy the support of a passionate community of like-minded enthusiasts that is there to share their knowledge.

In addition, Luxor Global will be looking to revolutionize the sale of luxury goods with its online trading platform, Luxazaar.

With these moves in place, it seems that Luxor Global is carefully laying the groundwork to significantly up the game when it comes to the retail of luxury goods within the secondary market.

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Country: New York, USA
Media Contact: Johan Peterson

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