Luxe Lifestyle Brand Amber Lounge Has a New Approach to NFTs

Amber Lounge Has a New Approach to NFTs

NFTs have become one of the hottest high-priced trends in the cryptocurrency industry, attracting popular attention from famous athletes, musicians, and actors. With high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) holding over US$80 trillion of global wealth, there is a constantly rising demand for more and more elite products — an opportunity that the fast-moving crypto industry is quick to rush in and meet. Even luxury fashion brands such as Bulgari, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, and Prada are now getting involved in the NFT space with unique collectible offerings.

One high-profile luxury lifestyle brand is taking NFTs to a new level. Amber Lounge, an iconic luxe events company world-renowned for its glamorous experiences in and around the Formula One© universe, is launching exclusive ‘Amber X’ NFT-based VIP memberships that grant lifetime access to Amber signature events all around the world.

The Amber X NFTs represent the first well-established luxury brand using NFTs to represent exclusive VIP memberships. With the luxury goods market being worth over US$242.8 billion and the corporate luxury events market now worth US$152.5 billion and expected to reach $526.1 billion by 2030, there is a healthy market for exclusive members-only VIP clubs, especially when modern innovations can add additional value.


An Elite New NFT Experience

While NFTs usually only represent a blockchain-based ownership receipt for a digital image, Amber X NFTs represent lifetime association with an exclusive invite-only club that has only 1,888 memberships available for sale. NFT holders have the chance to attend a range of international VIP parties, fashion shows, and pop-up events, bumping elbows with influential people such as celebrities, billionaires, and other jet-setters that frequent Amber Lounge events — a few past ‘Friends of Amber’ include celebrities Richard Branson, Gordan Ramsay, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, and Kylie Minogue, along with F1 race car drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, and supermodels Naomi Campbell, Josephine Skirver, Petra Němcová, and Victoria Silvstedt.

And indeed, with the memberships being invite-only, NFT holders can be assured that the parties will be attended by influential people they will likely want to share a drink with.

“Amber X members are part of an exclusive club of trend-setting individuals. With the NFTs representing proof of membership immutably stored on the blockchain, members can rest easy knowing that their very valuable purchase is always safe, verifiable, and retrievable,” said Amber Lounge CEO Cher Ng. “The lifetime memberships can also easily and verifiably be gifted or traded to a friend at a later date.”

Of the 1,888 NFT memberships available for sale, only 30 “top-tier” NFTs will be available that grant access to up to US$30 thousand worth of VIP tables at Amber events, along with exclusive invitations to VIP networking events and private dinners. Limited edition designer art champagne box sets will also be made available to top-tier members as NFT drops at Amber Lounge events.

A further 112 NFTs have been reserved by the Amber Lounge team for special giveaways and influencer promotions.

Amber X NFTs are also friendly toward people who are new to the crypto space. The platform is designed with a user-friendly interface that accepts credit card purchases, with helpful guidance readily available.

And there’s more to Amber X than just the NFT memberships, too: “We’ll soon be supporting crypto payments at our events. We’re also arranging collaborations for NFT drops from several major brands and artists,” Ng said. “We strongly believe that NFT technology will be the future of the luxe entertainment scene, and we are leading the way forward for all.”

Since 2022, Amber Lounge’s principal shareholder is now Catcha Group, an international investment firm focused on growing Asian companies in the media and technology sectors. Catcha Group previously helped four companies grow to successful IPOs, and also holds investments in other privately held internet startups.

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