Lux Solar: Shining a Light on Road Safety and Saving Lives

As a road ahead disappears in the darkness, drivers squint to make out the curve of the asphalt and the potential hazards that could spell tragedy. The lack of adequate lighting on many roadways has been an ongoing problem, contributing to the high incidence of nighttime crashes. 

Unsurprisingly, 52% of all crashes occur at night. The situation is dire for pedestrians as well, as deaths increased by 4.7% in 2020 alone, with pedestrian fatalities rising a staggering 62% since the late 2000s.

Amid a bleak and digressing landscape, Lux Solar emerges as an agent of change. Headed by Wael “Maj” Majdalawi, PE, PTOE a traffic engineering veteran with nearly 40 years of experience, Lux Solar is on a mission to reduce, and eventually eliminate, these tragedies. “Saving lives we’ll never meet,” reads its motto, encapsulating the company’s mission and its innovative, ground-breaking solutions.

Lighting Up the Path to Safety

With decades of experience under his belt, Maj knew that advising drivers and installing more signs wasn’t going to cut it. Traditional traffic management methods were failing to curb the ever-increasing rates of crashes and fatalities. Maj remarks, “It doesn’t matter what you tell drivers; what matters is what they see.” Acting on this insight, Lux Solar  was born, focusing on in-road lighting solutions that are not only sustainable but crucially effective.

The company offers two types of in-road lighting products: Solar markers and unit connectors. Both are flush with the ground, LED-lit, solar-powered and can be activated either steadily or in flashing modes at night, while the wire-connected products can be in use during the day too. With the additional seal of approval from the Florida Department of Transportation, these aren’t just lights, they’re lifesavers. For instance, drivers require approximately 250 feet to come to a complete stop when traveling at 35 miles per hour. Lux Solar’s in-road lights provide that crucial distance by being able to visibly see the lights for as far as a mile away, giving drivers ample time to react to whatever lies ahead.

Real-world Impact

While statistics often serve as grim reminders, Lux Solars  impact in reducing crashes is nothing short of game-changing. Take Jacksonville, Florida, which houses a treacherous mile-long S-Curve and recorded 53 nighttime crashes over three years. After installing Lux Solar’s in-road lights, only one crash occurred during the following two years. Likewise, on a 50-mile stretch of Florida highway plagued by a 78% rate of nighttime crashes, Lux Solar’s in-road lights are now making a palpable difference.

In an era when pedestrian fatalities have soared, the company’s focus on enhancing visibility significantly increases pedestrian awareness, giving both drivers and pedestrians a much better chance to avoid life-altering danger. The company presents a solution to a longstanding public safety crisis with its product line.

A Paradigm Shift in Road Safety

Beyond his status as a veteran traffic engineer, Maj is a visionary who’s long looked past conventional approaches. His company’s ultimate goal is “Vision Zero.” The American-based business aims to reach zero crashes, with the help of its in-road lighting solutions. He views the repetitive, ineffective solutions of the past as lazy and ineffective, pushing for innovation to tackle a problem that has long needed a novel approach.

Lux Solar  is redefining and disrupting public safety, with the hope that people will begin to listen at an exponential rate. Through its work, the company is gradually changing the harsh reality of the majority of crashes taking place at night, giving hope to countless road users who can now navigate more safely after the sun sets.

Using its solar powered in-road lights, Lux Solar stands out as an organization that combines experience, innovation and a heart-wrenching urgency to make a difference. The impact of Lux Solar extends far beyond the lumens emitted from their in-road lights. Lux Solar is saving lives and aims to save even more as it grows. 

Village of Palmetto Bay, Florida, Director of Public Services Dionisio F. Torres, PE, had this to say about the brand’s products after nearly two years of their use in his area. “The Lux system has exceeded our expectations.”

To find out more about the company and all of its offerings, go to its Website . You can also find Lux Solar on Instagram. Reach out to your Local Government to find out how you can get in-road lights in your community.

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