Lusene Donzo from Grand Mal Seizures to Army Officer, Educator, Author & Serial Entrepreneur

Thanks a lot, Mr. Lusene Donzo, for your time and for sharing your insights with our readers. Here’s a recent interview with a trending social media personality, successful entrepreneur, and Army officer, Lusene Donzo. 

To start things off,  tell us about your journey and from where did you get your inspiration for becoming an Entrepreneur, speaker, and credit consultant?

“I grew up in Monrovia, Liberia, and survived the civil war, and relocated to America 17 years ago as a refugee. However, this was not the end of my suffering. On October 20, 2016, I experienced a grand mal seizure and stayed 6 days in a coma which severely caused neurological damage associated with hypoxic brain injury and a grand mal seizure. However, that taught me a great life lesson that tomorrow is not promised, and as long as I am breathing, I should focus on pursuing my dreams no matter what. 

Yet, life had planned to test me further, and unfortunately, after a few time passed, I ended up breaking my left shoulder and dislocating my right shoulder and had to go through over 6 months of physical therapy. Somehow I managed to move past that, and I graduated from Virginia State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and joined the US Army. Fast forward today, I am a certified Credit Consultant, Public Speaker, Author, and Artillery Officer stationed at Ft Sill, Oklahoma.” explained by Lusene Donzo.

Challenges are part of our lives; How would you describe your challenges? 

Lusene Donzo shared, 

“As an entrepreneur and soldier in the United States Army, I have had many challenges to overcome. Mentally, physically and emotionally, I was abused by family members as a child and endured seizures followed by multiple hospital visits as I recovered in my teen years. I was kicked out of  by my uncle after high school.

What do you think, and which quality has the most important role in your success? 

Lusene Donzo shared, 

“I’m a  bless man who, like any other, had to work really hard for his success. I grew up in the Philly area, later moving to Virginia, where I joined ROTC at Virginia State University and began pursuing my degree. That time was pretty rough. But out of the ashes rose one of today’s most successful businessmen – making this American dream come true right before your eyes!” 

Tell us about your expertise as a Credit Consultant? How much success did you get in this field so far? 

“All my clients get results when it comes to bettering their credit. Hiring a consultant or company they could trust to help with their finances can seem like an easy way out, but giving them the tools to manage their money on their own is so much more empowering and gives them a sense of community by being involved with programs and coaching sessions that educate and motivate them on managing their spending rather than doing it for them. Till today, I have worked with over 100 clients and helped them save more than $700,000 on debt collection.” 

You happened to talk a lot about Entrepreneurship Vs. Employment, how do you see that? 

“Not a lot of people will admit that large businesses or even small ones are kind of scary. Not everyone can handle being responsible for the livelihood of dozens or hundreds of employees, and not every person wants to deal with the pressure of worrying about bills getting paid if their company relies solely on them and there’s no one else to turn to financially when work begins to get slow. But that shouldn’t stop people who don’t enjoy the idea of being an entrepreneur from learning how they could possibly invest in someone else’s business or contribute in some way nonetheless. The digital age has created opportunities where anyone with a smartphone has the potential ability to become an online entrepreneur as well, putting forward services that allow you to monetize others on social media, effectively making money off of your fanbase without having much work experience at all. That is one of the reasons why I love being a digital entrepreneur. I monetize others and take full responsibility for making people successful and help them reach their journey of success.” Explained by Lusene Donzo. 

What do you think about failure and setbacks as an Entrepreneur? 

“I strongly believe that failure is not an option, but I must fail my way to success. I was born in a poor community with not lots of resources, and unluckily, life didn’t favor me much as I suffered a lot of health issues as well. But some failures taught me a great lesson, and I would never become what I am today if I hadn’t faced failure.” shared by Lusene Donzo 

Thanks for sharing that. We’d be interested to know how you see ‘luck’ and its role in your life? 

“Good luck has allowed me several opportunities to expand my abilities and career. The business books I have read have helped me learn about entrepreneurship firsthand, and the many mistakes I have made along the way have created valuable lessons for me, too. On the other hand, there are plenty of upsides to being unlucky: it’s an opportunity to learn much-needed life lessons. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, try and look on the bright side – it might just turn out to be a blessing in disguise….” Shared by Lusene Donzo 

Closing thoughts

Alright, we thank Mr. Lusene Donzo again for giving us time and sharing his journey with us. Anyone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur can learn a lot from this interview and his life. Serving in the military while pursuing entrepreneurship can be very challenging, but it is feasible with the great mind and drive that Lusene Donzo has. 

After talking to Lusene, we can see that he possesses great potential and inner passion for entrepreneurism and sharing knowledge that has allowed him to achieve whatever he has regardless of all the repercussions and obstacles he faced in his life. 

If you want to know more about Lusene Donzo, you can use the following links to his Social Media and Website. 

Contact Info:

Email: Info@lusenedonzo.com

Website: https://lusenedonzo.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lusene2motivate

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lusenecharismatic/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0cCb85mz2aeBbYlA47pfuA

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