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Lumforce Reviews – Best Flashlight for you?

What is Lumforce?

Lumforce is a torch that, according to its supplier, is one of the most powerful torches on the market. It is said to outperform all its direct competitors and is not only used in private environments. According to the supplier, Lumforce is also used in the professional environment, for example, in police work or during the night shift.

In the leisure sector, the Lumforce, which is supposed to provide exceptionally bright light, is used for cycling, mountain climbing, and camping, among other things. Users also like to use the lamp in emergencies, for example, in the event of a power failure. Outdoors, the Lumforce can be used in any weather because it is waterproof, does not freeze, and is not sensitive to impact. According to the supplier, Lumforce’s LEDs provide ten times more light than regular torches, and the strength of the light can be selected using three levels.

A unique feature of the Lumforce is that it does not run on batteries but has a rechargeable battery that can be recharged repeatedly. In addition, it can be used much like a power bank – so you can charge your smartphone, Bluetooth headphones, or other devices at any time with the fully charged torch and don’t have to carry an additional power bank around with you. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.)

Lumforce Seal of Approval and Quality

On the official supplier’s website, you will not find any quality certificates or seals of quality for the torch. The supplier only points out that Lumforce has already been featured in different publications that would confirm the quality of the Lumforce and its light, which is advertised as particularly strong.

General Lumforce customer reviews

Some users of Lumforce have their say on the official supplier’s website. They give the lamp consistently positive ratings of four and five stars for powerful light. Their reviews also report that it is a good torch with bright sunshine and can shine far into the distance. Reviewers also mention the Lumforce’s durability positively and the fact that it is waterproof. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!

General information about the torch

No household should be without a high-quality torch, but how can you recognize such a high-quality product? When buying a torch, paying attention to the various product features and knowing the characteristics of the different models available on the market is essential. This is the only way to find a torch that suits your needs and will make your everyday life easier and keep you safe in emergencies.

First, it is essential to determine the purpose for which you need the torch. Will you use the torch mainly outdoors, for example, for camping? Do you work in the emergency services, or are you enlisted in the military? In these cases, you should opt for a tactical torch. Headlamps are beneficial for sports, as they free up your hands so you can do your sport even better. Small torches are handy if you travel in urban areas or always want a torch with you.

They are often sold under the name mini LED torches. For use at home, you are spoilt for choice. Since you probably have storage space available, the torch can be larger. At the same time, you may not need the most powerful lamp. Stick LED torches are ideal here: more potent than mini torches and lighter than tactical torches.

Typically, torches have a characteristic shape: they are elongated and round. At the end of the handle, a screw or sliding cap makes it possible to replace the batteries or charge the rechargeable battery. On the opposite side is the lamp with its bulbs. A small plastic, glass, or plexiglass pane protects the light. In most cases, torches work with light-emitting diodes, or LEDs for short. They are popular mainly because of their longevity, up to 100,000 operating hours, low power consumption, ability to generate little heat, and intense and bright luminosity.

Many devices have a grooved or corrugated bezel on the head to prevent the torch from rolling away. The handle often has a wrist strap. There is a continuous reflector around the light source to amplify the light. Only cheap lamps with a low number or power of LEDs sometimes do not have such a reflector to amplify the light.

When choosing a torch, the range of light and the brightness are the most critical factors. But the color temperature should also be taken into account. All this data is given with the help of certain abbreviations, which you first need to know to understand. The luminous range is shown in LUX or candela. The larger the value, the further the bright range of the lamp.

The LUX value describes the strength with which the light hits a surface. The candela value represents the intensity with which the lamp shines in one direction. The Kelvin value, on the other hand, stands for the color temperature. If the value is below 3300 k, the light is warm white. If it is between 3300 and 5300 k, it is neutral white or cool white light. Above 5300 k, we speak of daylight white.

Bluish, cool neutral white and daylight white light has a somewhat sterile effect – ideal for making out the surroundings better. Warm white light, on the other hand, is more natural and ideal for taking photographs or reading. The term lumen stands for the brightness of the lamp, i.e., the total light that the lamp emits on all sides. The higher the lumen value, the brighter the lamp.

Of course, when buying a lamp like the Lumforce, you should also consider the weight and size of the light. The area of use you have in mind for the lamp can already be an essential point of reference here. You have a lot of storage space at home and only short distances to walk, so the lamp can be more extensive and heavier – if that makes sense.

On the road, a lighter weight and a smaller size often make more sense. You should also consider the features and functions of the torch. For outdoor use, certain emergency functions are advantageous, such as sending signals or using the torch as an emergency light. The torch should also be waterproof and not be damaged by dust or blows.

General torch uses

According to its supplier, the Lumforce is ideal for private and professional use. It can be stored in a drawer to be ready to hand the next time there is a power cut. Of course, you can always carry the torch with you, keep it in your car, or take it to your workplace. Some people even buy several Lumforce so that they always have a torch handy in different places in their home, but also in their car and at work. In a professional environment, a torch is handy when work is done at night. As a security guard, a police officer, or during the night shift in a company, the Lumforce is likely to be used frequently. In private, the Lumforce can be used in emergencies, for lighting at night, and in poorly lit rooms, such as in a cellar or shed. In addition, it is suitable as lighting for mountaineering and cycling, hiking, and various other sports usually practiced outdoors. The Lumforce can also be helpful when camping – when you pitch your tent in the middle of a dark forest and when you want to get from the caravan to the washrooms at night on the campsite.

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Known FAQ about this product

  • Q:How do I switch on the torch?
  • A:Press the power button for a few seconds to switch off the torch.
  • Q:What kind of batteries does the Lumforce work with?
  • A:The torch is not powered by batteries but a rechargeable battery. This battery is rechargeable with a standard USB-C cable.
  • Q:Can I use the Lumforce as a power bank?
  • A:You can power other devices with the torch’s charged battery. Connect the Lumforce to your smartphone, Bluetooth headphones, or any device you want to set using a suitable cable.
  • Q:How many brightness modes does the Lumforce have?
  • A:The Lumforce has three modes: low, high, and strobe / SOS.

Where can I buy Lumforce?

Are you still looking for a powerful and durable torch that is waterproof? Then you may have found a suitable model in Lumforce. If you want to see for yourself or already know that Lumforce is precisely what you want, you can buy it directly from the official supplier’s website. Currently, Lumforce is only available here, not from Amazon or any other online shop. Since Lumforce has just been launched, the supplier is now offering an introductory discount of 50% on every order. This means you only pay half of what the lamp would typically cost.

If you decide to buy the torch, you can choose how many lamps you want to buy on the official supplier’s website. You can buy one, two, three, or five; the discount is always the same. Buying a Lumforce is worthwhile if you want to try out the lamp and it’s light first.

If the model already convinces you and you need more than one lamp, it may be worth buying several torches simultaneously, given the shipping costs. It makes sense to purchase several Lumforce torches if you don’t want to carry the torch around with you all the time but want to store one in different places where you need it. Of course, you can also buy more lamps to treat friends or family members or surprise your colleagues at work with a powerful light.

Once you have decided on an order quantity, you can add a one-year or two-year warranty for an additional charge. You can also add the following products to your order:

  • a USB plug to charge your new lamp
  • a multifunctional keychain light to complement your lamp
  • a headlight motion sensor to keep your hands free when needed
  • a hanging cord to keep the lamp handy

Once you add everything you want to buy to your shopping basket, the supplier needs your shipping details. Enter your first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number, and billing address in the form. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to enter a different delivery address.

Then you have to pay for your order. To do so, select one of the specified payment options:

1) Credit card

2) Pay immediately

3) GooglePay

4) PayPal

Enter the information for your selected payment option, and you can have your Lumforce delivered to your home.

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Lumforce technical facts

1. LED torch

2. for home, sports, camping, work

3. 3 light modes: high, low, stroboscope

4. waterproof, resistant, frost-proof

5. without battery, with a rechargeable battery

6. rechargeable with USB-C cable

7. can be used as a power bank

Lumforce recommendation

The Lumforce is a special torch that has little competition on the market. First and foremost, it is a torch with LED lights that can be used in the home for outdoor sports, camping, and night work. Thanks to the three different light modes, you can adjust the lamp light as you like and need it now.


It is worth mentioning, however, that the lamp is waterproof, withstands shocks, and does not freeze even in sub-zero temperatures. Unlike other torches, it is not powered by batteries but by a rechargeable battery that you can quickly charge at home with any standard USB-C cable. A unique feature that only very few torches offer is that you can charge other devices with the torch’s battery – much like you can with a power bank.


This means the torch is also a power bank – what you need in emergencies. After all, a bright light and a functioning mobile phone are equally important, for example, to draw attention to yourself, to bridge a power cut, or to communicate.


Info about the product provider

Ecom7 Limited

Room 1501

Prosperity Tower

39 Queen’s Road


Hong Kong




E-mail: contact @ e- com 7. com

Phone: (+852) 2110 0990


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