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LuckyMeta Introduces iGaming Platform to Make Metaverse Gameplay More Rewarding

LuckyMeta is a unique free2play iGaming project that enables individuals to make money while playing games in the Metaverse. It is a decentralized gaming platform with the great potential to become the most popular in the iGaming industry. 

The platform features the first of its kind Play-to-Earn Metaverse in virtual reality built on blockchain.

Its VR metaverse allows everyone to experience real money games and their storylines practically and engagingly. LuckyMeta also includes upgradable NFTs, a community-driven DAO, DeFi staking, and sports betting. 

A significant benefit is that LuckyMeta offers a fair gaming environment for all players – it utilizes smart contracts to process user deposits and verify results. It ensures that the outcome is fair, random, and not fabricated. The company’s vision is to create a decentralized gaming experience that is fair, transparent, and engaging.

Unlike online casino games designed to make money for operators, Lucky Meta makes money for you. Through its NFT rewards, P2E, and other sharing models, it turns players from cash cows to cash partners. As a member of the LuckyMeta community, you will receive daily bonuses, share platform profits, and earn rewards – a win-win for both the platform and the players.

Aside from crypto rewards, the company is the first to introduce AR/VR into the iGaming industry, where players can experience the thrill of the Metaverse while they profit at the same time.

LMT and LMG Tokens

LuckyMeta includes a DeFi dashboard where players can stake LuckyMeta Token (LMT) and LuckyMeta Gold to earn rewards. LMT is the governance and equity tokens on the platform. It is used to reward holders with dividends and purchase/upgrade NFTs. Users also need to accumulate LMT tokens to participate in LuckyMeta’s DAO, P2E games, and liquidity mining.

LuckyMeta Gold (LMG), on the other hand, is the game currency token. LMG tokens are distributed to users through daily rewards, which they can use to purchase and upgrade their NFTs or play games within the platform.

As a Value Capture Tool, users can pledge 1000 LMT to mint 1 LuckyMeta VIP (LMV). It’s a special token that grants holders unique benefits such as invitation rebates, exclusive NFT airdrops, and the ability to earn dividends daily.

Upgradable NFTs

LuckyMeta will launch multiple “Ordinary” and “Rare” NFTs, which are playable in the game. Users can upgrade “Ordinary” NFTs by consuming LMG tokens, and “Rare” NFTs can be upgraded by consuming LMT tokens. The upgraded NFTs are eligible for even more rewards. The first batch of “Ordinary” and “Rare” NFTs will be released soon, so keep your eyes peeled for the minting.


Slots are the first games being introduced by the company. Through its open-source platform, LuckyMeta integrates with various applications from the mainstream slot machine providers such as Platipus and NETENT to expand the Metaverse gameplay for users.

Live Entertainment

LuckyMeta will host many exciting games such as Monopoly Live, Deal or No Deal, and Wheel of Fortune. There are also various casino games with live dealers, such as Baccarat, that users can play to win prizes.


In partnership with LINK, LuckyMeta will launch the world’s largest decentralized Sports Betting game project. LINK is a significant blockchain oracle service provider that enables smart contracts to respond to events such as live games. The project will cover sports events such as football, NFL, NBA, virtual horse racing, virtual soccer, and many others.


LuckyMeta DAO is owned and operated by its community, where holders can vote for different proposals on LuckyMeta to guide the platform’s development and management. It includes managing the liquidity of LMT and LMG tokens and enhancing the value of the network.

In addition, LuckyMeta provides a DAO vault to support the operation of casino games and the distribution of the LMG chips through automated management. All revenues will be distributed to LMT holders by way of DAO governance.

Join LuckyMeta to Start Earning

LuckyMeta has taken its time to build a platform that will revolutionize iGaming and open doors to profitable gaming in the Metaverse. The team has worked for months with the best experts in the industry to build a solid and feasible project. Moreover, they have strategic partnerships with the best game developers globally, tech companies, and investors to make this project outstanding.

The project has uniqueness because of its connection with NFTs and the Metaverse. These provide another avenue of earning rewards while enjoying the thrill of the Metaverse.

For a detailed roadmap and further information, visit their website or Discord community.





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