Lucky Metaverse Is Gaining Popularity By Providing Freedom To Leverage The Opportunities in the Crypto Space

Lucky Metaverse or LMETA has emerged as a reliable option for crypto investors.

The Lucky Metaverse (LMETA), an all-in-one package metaverse, play-to-earn 3D gaming and NFT project that interacts across almost all crypto functions in a symbiotic relationship, will launch in the second quarter of 2022.           

Lucky Metaverse (LMETA) is a new P2E 3D virtual game Lucky Thug. Within this game and NFTs, this token is used for staking, earning, and purchasing. Lucky Metaverse combines Dei, Meta, and NFT features to provide users with the best chance to take advantage of cryptocurrencies, while also being entertained.

The LMETA token is minted for the play-to-earn 3D virtual game Lucky Thug. It is used for staking, purchasing and earning within the Thug Universe game and for NFTs.


The Team –

The CEO  of Lucky Metaverse is based in Dubai. The team at Lucky Metaverse is also known as the Meta Gate Keepers. The team consists of expert tech people who understand the crypto space. This team had worked on a $2 Million MC project Metaface. Some team members have worked before and have developed partnerships with leading marketers in the crypto sector. This team trusts each other to fulfill their respective duties and work towards a shared vision together which makes them much more reliable than any competitors.


About the game Lucky Thug-  

The game Lucky Thug revolves around Glock, a thug who avoids trouble. However, trouble finds him. He always looks for ways to get out of tricky situations. The group’s boss fires him and banishes him to the Thug Universe located in the Metaverse of Luck. This place is full of killers, gangs, mafia, and dangerous scumbags.


Glock was banished as his boss discovered that he had escaped from prison and sought revenge for his family and friend’s death. With the Central Intelligence Agency Behind him, his boss had no other option. Glock did not know that it was the boss who had ordered this using a rival mafia family to send forth a message.


Glock must maintain a low profile, be invisible and obtain weapons and ammunition and keep his energy levels up. He meets a dangerous thug named Vixon. Together they have the chance to survive in this place.




Tokenomics – 

The token holder of the Lucky Metaverse receives 5% BnB passive income simply by holding the LMETA in their wallet. 

There will also be the possibility to stake tokens with up to 75% for rewards in the four different pools.

Besides, highest stakers will be rewarded with a Netflix subscription Reimbursement.


There is 11% selling tax for LMETA. These taxes help provide the liquidity for 5% BnB rewards, 1% lottery to the top 150 token holders, and 1% to the other holders. The remaining tax is kept in reserve for future development.


Lucky Metaverse will open its merchandise store, partner with game guilds, launch the game in the Metaverse, and have multi-chain integration. One of their future plans is to be a cross-chain project on networks such as EOS, FTM and POLYGON.



For more details, visit the website 



Media Contact


Contact Person: Mitches Spanish



City: London

State: London

Country: England


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