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Luceed Media on Building a Generation of PH Creators

Nowadays, trends on the digital landscape shift like sand. Finding a tailor fit guide in digital content creation is like discovering an oasis in the desert. This is the idea behind Luceed Media, a learning and coaching platform paving the way for Filipino content creators seeking to navigate the ever-evolving sphere of digital media.

Luceed Media celebrates its first anniversary in July of 2024, marking a full year of growth in community and of a track record of nearly a thousand of Filipino content creators it helped find footing. In its first year of full operation, Luceed noted a remarkable success in its content creation, video editing, and personal branding courses and bootcamps that have empowered hundreds of content creators and helped them reach impressive growth, with their all-time best creator on record reaching close to one million followers in 120 days!

Built with tried-and-tested expertise in content creation and meticulous attention to the Filipino audience’s unique sensibilities, Luceed Media stands apart as a learning avenue made specifically for the local creative community. Luceed Media puts special emphasis on the cultural and social nuances of the Filipino content consumer, and this understanding is distilled in their course and bootcamp content. “The Filipino audience has a very specific preference in digital content,” says Marky Ting, a Luceed graduate, “and Luceed understands this preference more than any other platform of its kind.”

Recognizing the rich complexity of customs, culture, behaviors, and even local humor that define Filipino audiences, Luceed offers a comprehensive suite of resources designed to help creators to connect authentically with their viewers. What sets Luceed Media apart is its unwavering commitment to accessibility. In a space often dominated by expensive courses and teaching language that is often difficult to understand, Luceed breaks down barriers, offering affordable yet comprehensive guidance tailored to the needs of aspiring creators.

Delving into the intricacies of short-form content and exploring multimedia touchpoints, Luceed Media ensures that every aspect of the creative journey is not just understood but embraced. For Luceed, there is no one too old, too young, or too uninformed to master content creation. Jocelyn Marquez, a graduate who grew her following by a hundred thousand 3 months after Luceed, recaps how Luceed helped her with her creator growth targets. “Luceed delivers its course content in Filipino. That alone is already an edge against all other content creation courses. It means it’s specifically made for Pinoys, whatever age group or social status,” says Marquez.

Behind Luceed Media stands Macky Fernandez, or Coach Macky to his community, a leader and reputable name in the digital creative economy, with a track record of success spanning five years in content creation and personal branding. Mentored by industry masters such as Ryan Racela and Asher Aw, and taught by content creation titans Iman Gadzhi and Alex Hormozi, Coach Macky’s vision for Luceed extends far beyond courses and bootcamps. Coach Macky envisions Luceed to grow into a movement to empower and uplift a generation of creators in the Philippines.

Luceed Media is on a mission to break the stigma and misconceptions surrounding content creators, elevating them from stereotypes of desperation and laziness to respected professionals in the growing digital creative economy. Through actionable insights, growth strategies, and a focus on personal branding and audience understanding, Luceed empowers creators to redefine their narrative and showcase the true value of their craft.

Where most content creation courses often leave aspiring Filipino creators feeling adrift, Luceed continues to offer a well-defined, easily understood outline for those seeking to carve their niche in YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and many other platforms. With tangible results including exponential subscriber growth and resounding client commendations, Luceed Media endeavors to build not just creators but tycoons, driving forward the Philippine digital creative economy one post, video, or pixel at a time.

As Coach Macky aptly puts it, “The most accessible freedom in this generation is in content creation.” Luceed continues its mission and intends to triple its success in the coming years. “The goal is for Luceed to lead the way,” Coach Macky says, “and to help make the future of Filipino content creation brighter than it’s ever been.”

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