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LTE Testing Equipment Market Aims to Expand at Double-Digit Growth Rate | ROHDE&SCHWARZ; Anritsu; Agilent Technologies, Inc.

According to a new intelligence perspective from Future Market Insights, the vastness of communications infrastructure will continue to be the primary driver of LTE testing equipment usage. In the future years, the market for LTE testing equipment, which is estimated to be worth less than $3 billion, is expected to rise at an exponential rate.

Wireless technology penetration has been steadily increasing LTE (Long-term Evolution) implementation in recent years. With rising consumer demand for high-speed connectivity, the need for accurate carrier testing, battery testing, conformance testing, and field evaluation is propelling LTE testing equipment sales around the world. Over-the-air (OTA) testing is critical in determining a wireless device’s realistic capabilities, safety, and reliability.

Telecom Holds Lion’s Share in Global Market Revenue

Telecommunication service providers are continuing to install the most LTE testing equipment possible. Smartphone adoption, and the resulting need for network connections, are quickly translating into strong sales of LTE testing equipment. Rapid connectivity migration from 3G to 4G and 5G is considered the most important factor driving the LTE testing equipment market increase in recent years.

Given Asia Pacific’s thriving smartphone landscape, it’s more likely that the area, along with rising nations in the Middle East and Africa, would have significant market attractiveness in the future years. Because of its thriving telecom industry, Africa, a largely untouched market for LTE providers, is projected to provide a slew of opportunities for both LTE providers and LTE testing equipment suppliers shortly.

Developing Economies Reflecting Maximum LTE Deployment Potential

India, a potentially lucrative investment market for LTE product manufacturers, recently saw the introduction of a new 4G LTE network by VNL Limited, a well-known telecom manufacturer. The company has launched this LTE network in rural India for 4G access and is delivering LTE products at affordable pricing with flawless connectivity. Such changes are expected to boost the expansion of Asia’s LTE testing equipment market, boosting the LTE testing equipment landscape’s global revenue.

South Korea is similarly positioned as a lucrative, high-potential market for LTE testing equipment providers, given the country’s rapid LTE network rollout and current network penetration of over 97 percent. LTE testing equipment is being deployed by South Korean telecom providers such as SK Telecom for network testing and measurement in a variety of devices. SK Telecom recently expanded its high-speed LTE network to cover more than 30 Korean countries and 75 cities. As a result, the paper highlights the outstanding penetration of LTE testing equipment in the South Korean market.

Key Market Players Focusing on Partnerships & Alliances

A majority of the leading manufacturers and sellers of LTE testing equipment are anticipated to opt for strategic collaborations and partnerships, according to a detailed analysis of the worldwide competitive landscape of the LTE testing equipment market.

While these strategic agreements are critical for upgrading LTE testing equipment, the strategy is more likely to give market participants a competitive advantage.

A recent partnership between Rohde&Schwarz and Gemalto cleared the door for the development of new T&M tools that make LTE testing easier by lowering time and expenses, which are otherwise difficult in the case of LTE and LTE advanced modules.

Anritsu, Spirent Communications, Agilent Technologies, Inc., Anite, Aeroflex Inc., Tektronix, Inc., and Fluke Corporation are some of the other major players in the worldwide LTE testing equipment market.

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