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Lower East Side’s DREN STARR on the Rise.

Miami, Florida–With over 30 years in the music industry, music mogul Dren Starr is changing the game when it comes to the arts. Before the platforms of YouTube and podcasting were big with the media, Starr was featured on his own radio station as a DJ and Host. Only 18 at the time, this risk-taking artist was the first and only musician to run his own hip-hop station in New York City. 

Providing media coverage, even before the boom of social media, Dren Starr has been rocking just about every hat in the music business, from recording engineer to artist, and even as a tour manager. One could say that Starr is a multifaceted expert of music. Today, Starr is still going strong in his music career, though his journey hasn’t been without its fair share of challenges.

Like every good thing, Dren Starr’s entrepreneurship and success has had its ups and downs. Making a name for himself on the Lower East Side, Starr opened recording studios all throughout the city, where he worked in production and also engineering. Things were looking good, as the young music mogul was building connections within the Lower East Side hiphop community. However, life was temporarily put on hold after a 5 and a half year incarceration kept Starr out of the business. 

Upon his return, the world has shifted drastically. Radio was less relevant as the age of social media and digital music was ushered in. Having to adapt took some time.

“My biggest challenge was from converting to what I call the new digital era of the music industry,” Starr explains. “When I started in this industry, you had to really know people in real life. Now, in this era, people have profiles on social media and send messages and DM’s. No one really knows each other and it’s just crazy how you can send a message to someone in hopes of doing business. You Can be nobody and literally become an overnight success. I’ve seen it happen more than once.” 

In 2023, with digital marketing and promotions at the head of the industry Dren Starr created his own LES BRAND and has been working closely with Roc Nation, Rolling Loud, and several other hip-hop tours and festivals. Making a name for himself as a music exec has been the main focus since Starr’s return to the world of music and digital media. 

When sharing wisdom and insight with the world, Dren Starr has this to say:

“Always keep it real–keep your circle small and stay in your lane. Timing and consistency is everything, so don’t force or chase what is not meant for you.” He recognizes that his journey is his own, and that telling people to do exactly what he has done won’t work. “You have to find what matters and what works for you. Don’t try to be anyone else. There’s only one Dren Starr, and there is only one you.”

Starr wants to create a legacy for his family, when he is no longer here. He hopes that this journey into the cutthroat world of the music industry can make it easier for his two sons to carry out said legacy. “My dreams and aspirations are to make the Lower East Side a household name sort of like how Wu-Tang did for Staten Island,” Starr explains. As a music mogul on the rise, Dren Starr has been actively building the Lower East Side’s name and will continue to bring notoriety to his hometown as long as he spearheads this industry. While masterfully donning many hats, more than anything else, Starr has a lifelong love affair with the hip-hop industry. Staying true to his roots, Dren never fails to represent and hold the values of the LES in every major move.

100% Records LLC is a music brand owned and operated by Dren Starr, music mogul and executive. The company is excited to be touring nationwide and appearing in several hip-hop and live music festivals. For more information about the brand and their appearance at Rolling Loud, visit the festival website.

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