Finance News Illustrates How Data Aggregation Has Become a Business Model in a World Overwhelmed by Data

In today’s crowded online marketplace, it is easy to see how users grow frustrated while trying to find the data they are looking for. For example, when searching for a flight or a hotel reservation, scanning dozens of airline and hotel sites can be a difficult proposition. Increasingly, customers are turning to data aggregation sites to search multiple data sources at once. is an aggregate search engine for credit cards, enabling users to search for cards of all types while comparing their most important features. Companies like Lowcards are making aggregation their business model by letting customers shop and compare using a single site.

How Does Data Aggregation Work?

Data aggregation companies, or data delivery networks, license the data from various websites to compile them into their own proprietary database. They are able to absorb the newest data from these websites, making sure that they are up-to-date and ready to handle all of the customers’ inquiries. Sites like, Travelocity, and Carfax are just a few examples of these data aggregation companies.

When customers perform a search, they are able to narrow down their choices based on a variety of criteria. From credit rating to the type of rewards offered, Lowcards offers customers a fresh way of looking at the credit card landscape. This enables customers to make educated choices that affect their financial future.

What Are the Types of Data Companies?

There are four main types of companies that deal in data. The first set of companies are the data users or the businesses that look at data as a way to enrich their company’s value. The next are data suppliers or businesses that mainly sell their data to other companies. The third set are delivery networks like Lowcards which are concerned with combining packages of data to make the consumer’s life easier. The last type of data company is the data facilitator or a company which deals with the nuts and bolts of data analysis.

Users, suppliers, and facilitators are all necessary to make the delivery network function. The sites require a high level of cooperation between data providers and the delivery network. Data must be used within the company’s privacy and security requirements. Also, the data supplier must make sure that their information is as accurate and up to date as possible, or the delivery network will produce useless information.


Delivery networks work because of robust search functions. Without excellent search capabilities, these websites cannot provide the end user with a meaningful set of responses. This data needs to be carefully managed to make sure that it is useful and makes sense to the end user. For example, if a consumer needs to decide which type of credit card is right for them, they can enter criteria regarding the type of card and a search string which helps the website narrow the data down.

Delivery networks work hard on their search capabilities since they are the engine that makes their websites work. Without a strong search capability, these sites are not worth using.

New Developments in Data Delivery Networks

New data delivery networks are able to provide timely information to the business and the consumer. For example, food delivery companies like Uber Eats work with the car service portion of the company’s function and with the menu and delivery requirements of the restaurants. This data must be fully integrated in order to function properly. With proper management, the food delivery company is able to provide a hot meal to the customer while making it easy for the restaurant to fill orders.

Making Data Work for You

Using a data delivery service or aggregator means that companies can make an agile response to customer inquiries of all kinds. When customers have access to up-to-date information, they are better able to make educated decisions regarding purchases they want to make or services they want to engage. Companies like are ready to help the end user make decisions based on the most relevant data for their needs.

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