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Louis Cooper joins leading Web3 marketing agency Lunar as a content writer

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

A 22-year-old British born crypto-enthusiast since 2019, I recently graduated from University in England with an undergrad in Accounting and Finance. However, writing has always been my real passion. Having lived in a multitude of different countries, from Singapore to Spain, I decided to pack my bags and head to the crypto capital of the world, Lisbon. Here, I pursue both my career ambitions as a writer and personal hobbies as a cyclist. The climate and people here are fantastic, and I’m looking forward to expanding my circle of like-minded crypto enthusiasts.

Why did you decide to Join Lunar Strategy?

Starting as a freelance writer, I quickly resonated with the work structure and leniency that Lunar Strategy gave me. As a writer, you cannot always work regular hours and expect great content. The mind works in mysterious ways, and you have to be conscious of that. Both the founder Tim and the team members were easy to work with, understanding and respecting each other’s roles and boundaries. Instantly I felt at home.

On top of this, the opportunity to work entirely remotely was a massive value-add for me. Racing bikes on a national level for six years now, the flexibility is exactly what I needed without sacrificing anything. Lunar Strategy has allowed me to pursue my personal and career ambitions.

What are the biggest challenges in creating articles within web3?

Getting the tone right and understanding the content well enough to create compelling articles. 

With the rapid expansion of the crypto-sphere, it’s impossible to keep up with every emerging technology or product. Therefore, you inevitably end up writing about niche or complicated projects and topics. Research is the antidote to this problem, making sure no aspects are missed. Being active within the Web3 community helps massively, as writing about protocols, projects or communities you are actually involved in creates a whole new world of understanding and therefore, the ability to explain. 

On top of this, writing within the crypto-sphere is a whole new challenge. Readers often expect a more nuanced tone with specific references to the Web3 community as a whole. Web3 writing is as much about understanding the content as it is resonating with the audience. Crypto and Web3 are a whole new world and subsequently, your writing should be too.

What are your best 3 tips for creating a great article?

I can’t give away all my best secrets, so I’ll keep this brief!

  • Understanding your audience and their expectations
  • Having a strong grasp on the content you are writing about
  • A genuine interest in the crypto-sphere

The longer the crypto community exists, the more obvious outsiders become. Those writing about crypto, without actually caring for the goals of the community, their philosophy towards ownership and decentralization, will quickly be exposed. The crypto and Web3 community is a passionate one. So I recommend building your articles from the bottom up, instead of top-down.

Scour the internet, do your research, take notes and from that, find the perfect articles for you. With this method, you’ll quickly find your groove, or ‘niche’, and it will be genuine. With a real interest in the topic of the article, people will naturally gravitate toward your writing.

Can you name some of your favourite news sites that you are following and using to keep up to date?

Keeping up with the latest news and my individual research topics is a massive part of my job. Therefore, I pick news from ample knowledgable individuals across social media, and large news sites to stay up to date. Here are some of my favourites: 

Of course, these are only the tip of the iceberg of the news sites I use. Most importantly, diverse where you get your news from, to avoid getting stuck in a news echo chamber. Having both official and individual news sources, such as CoinBureau helps you read several angles of the same content, ensuring factual unbiased coverage. 

What are your future plans in the crypto & NFT industry over the coming 5 years?

Currently, I’m fully focused on Lunar Strategy and my role as a writer and establishing myself as a prominent writer in the crypto-sphere. My current plans for the future are unknown. I want to keep perfecting my craft as a writer, aiming to publish independent content not limited to crypto and NFTs. The topics I have an interest in writing on are eclectic, but I will need to expand my circle of influence before I begin on that journey. 

Lunar Strategy is about to launch “Lunar Academy” a full web3 marketing course. If you are looking for a job in Web3 or want to improve your skills, join their competition to win a free spot at their academy.

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