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Louis Cooke on Understanding Shopify and How to Get the Most out of it

Entrepreneurship is a dynamic process that changes rapidly and requires you to continually think outside the box to avoid being phased out by your competitors. Today, the most significant factor influencing the success is integrating technology into their business model. It is no longer a matter of choice to incorporate technology into your business; it is necessary. Louis Cooke is a 23-year old from the United Kingdom whose job involves Shopify dropshipping and e-commerce and has helped people achieve financial independence. In this article, Louis explains a few details about Shopify and how to get the most out of it.

If you are small to medium-sized merchant and you want to use one tool to leverage all your digital channels, Shopify is the application for you. It is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that allows you to develop a good web store and sell anything from goods to services. You do not need to shut down your physical store to incorporate Shopify and e-commerce; the two business models can work together to make your company better.

Begin your e-commerce business with Shopify

The best thing about Shopify is that you will not need a lot of capital to get your business off the ground. The starter package is very affordable, and the monthly charge is also reasonably cheap. Any business from small stores to significant corporations can afford the services of Shopify. It also has a trial period, so you can test it out at least once before deciding to get their subscription.

Shopify gives you access to plenty of tools such as business loans, business name generator, profit margin calculator, slogan creator, and business card maker. Once your e-commerce business is up and running, you get access to more tools like shipping labels, pay stubs, gift certificate templates, image resizer, and Invoice generator.

Get the Shopify App Store

Louis says that there are a lot of features that Shopify provides in their App Store that let you use most of your business equipment and promote channels and information. 

You will access applications for Marketing, Inventory, Accounting, Social media, and Sales. Some of the things that these applications will allow you to do are:

  • Extend your marketplace by offering lead online marketplaces
  • Incorporate your bookkeeping programming
  • Synchronize your client deals and administration

Recover Abandoned Carts

Sometimes potential customers place items in their shopping baskets but leave without buying them. You can prompt these customers to complete their purchase by sending reminder messages to them with the help of Shopify’s abandoned cart recovery.

Use your Payment Gateway

Shopify provides its payment gateway, which does not charge you any transaction fees than other payment gateways. Therefore, you can leverage this to operate without a merchant account and get more while spending less.

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