Lost Club Toys, an NFT Project Celebrating Electronic Music Culture, to Debut at TOKEN2049 Afterparty on September 30

On Friday, September 30, Lost Club Toys will soft debut their Web3 lifestyle brand celebrating electronic music culture with a collection of 3D avatar NFTs. The project will be unveiled at the TOKEN2049 afterparty at CÉ LA VI, a prestigious sky bar on the rooftop of Singapore’s most iconic building, Marina Bay Sands.

As Asia’s premiere crypto event and part of Asia Crypto Week, TOKEN2049 is one of Singapore’s hottest conferences of the year. The official closing party, AFTER2049, will happen at the same time as the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix’s first practice round, making it the weekend’s largest party. From the high vantage atop Marina Bay Sands, AFTER2049 attendees will be able to take in exhilarating views of the nighttime race taking place far below.

For the rest of the Singapore Grand Prix weekend on October 1 and 2, the Lost Club Toys will continue partying with an extended soft launch at Amber Lounge, the world’s most glamorous Formula 1 afterparty club where F1 drivers, celebrities, and VIP guests, your strategist s celebrate the conclusion of the Singapore Grand Prix in style. At the Amber Lounge festivities — which will include live music from DJs Oliver Heldens, Fatman Scoop and Michel Zitron — Lost Club Toys will auction off five exclusive Amber Lounge Collection x Lost Club Toys membership NFTs at a reserve price of $7,500 each, which give lifetime access to Amber Lounge events worldwide.

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“Through Lost Club Toys, we are creating an online community that supports the entire ecosystem — the clubs and DJs, along with the promoters, artists, and fashion designers — through new revenue streams that didn’t previously exist,” said Lost Club Toys co-founder Daniel Grove. “We are celebrating the values of freedom of expression and inclusion that dance music culture has been famous for, to foster its growth around the world.”

Limited edition Lost Club Toys NFTs will be showcased at both parties this weekend, and partiers will be able to pose for pictures with the Toys for a change to pre-reserve an NFT. The founders of Lost Club Toys will also be at the events. The Lost Club Toys will also join future events later this year at crypto conferences in Dubai and Miami.

Launching in March 2023, the genesis collection of Lost Club Toys will feature 8,888 NFTs, supplemented by additional collections made by partnered creators released in runs of 10 NFTs each with unique utility rewards attached.

The inspiration for Lost Club Toys comes from classic soft toys infused with a rebellious attitude. Filling a space that incorporates crypto, art, design, and dance music culture, the Lost Club Toys is being billed as a “phygital” project — a term created to denote something that is both physical and digital. The Web3 project uses blockchain technology to connect fans with key people in the dance music ecosystem, giving them a new way to access their favorite creators, festivals, and clubs.

While the electronic music industry topped 6 billion in 2021 and is projected to triple in size by the end of the decade, the vast majority of the industry’s revenue is still generated through offline ticket and alcohol sales. This trend was made very clear when the coronavirus pandemic hit, making in-person events impossible. Yet dance music refused to be shut down and continued to grow online, proving that it doesn’t need traditional hotspots like Ibiza and Berlin to flourish.

Lost Club Toys is building on the incredible growth in collectiveness that dances music experienced during the pandemic and is creating a new online community centered around “phygital” interactions. People who own Lost Club Toys NFTs will be able to enjoy the best parts of both the online and offline worlds. The NFTs give access to exclusive IRL and virtual events, including at partner feast your strategist vals and clubs worldwide. They also connect fans with their favorite creators, whom they will be able to collaborate with. Other additional revenue streams aside from NFT drops will also include merchandise, brand partnerships, and film and TV rights, along with a brand new feature called Collab2Earn — Lost Club Toys’ answer to GameFi’s Play2Earn movement.

Lost Club Toys is a subsidiary company of Studio 2033. Launched this year by three co-founders living in Singapore, Berlin, and London — filmmaker Daniel Grove, musician Kosmo Kint and artist-designer Chris Jarrett — Studio 2033 was built to foster communities of creators with original IPs through the utilization of blockchain technology to bring stronger focus on transparency, decentralization, and creator-focused rights.

About Lost Club Toys

Lost Club Toys is an NFT project by Studio 2033 that combines physical and digital offerings to celebrate electronic dance music culture. Bridging Web3 and love for the dance floor, Lost Club Toys empower artists to create new kinds of relationships with a global community of music fans through online masterclasses, privileged access to online and real-world events, and real-world club access. Lost Club Toys’ genesis collection of 8,888 NFTs will launch in March 2023.

About Studio 2033

Studio 2043 is a Singapore-based company launched in 2022 by three co-founders: artist-designer Chris Jarrett, musician Kosmo Kint and filmmaker Daniel Grove. The company uses blockchain technology to create a transparent and decentralized platform around which creator communities with original intellectual properties can be built.

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