Looking to Upgrade your Portfolio? Look no Further than Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

The crypto market is once again on the spot offering unique investment opportunities at highly discounted levels. With the investment sector recovering after a roller-coaster in 2022, Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) are turning out to be exciting plays for diversifying investment portfolios.

Orbeon Protocol Explosive Presale

Orbeon Protocol is turning out to be an exciting investment with expected returns of over 6000% for people who entered its first presale. Its high growth prospects have to do with the launch of an innovative investment platform for crowdfunding. While leveraging blockchain technology, the project has made it easy for startups to raise money from investors by selling fractionalized equity-based NFTs.

The fractionalized NFTs are to lower the barriers of entry in the crowdfunding sector by allowing investors the least amount possible for a piece of the startup. In addition, startups stand to target a wider investment pool instead of having to focus on wealthy investors.

The credibility of the decentralized platform for raising money is further affirmed by the Fill or Kill mechanism. The smart contract feature is to return all funds to investors whenever a startup fails to reach its goal in the funding round.

ORBN is the native token to let investors into the new financial world. The utility token acts as a medium of exchange and settling transaction fees. It will also offer exclusive access to investor groups, with holders entitled to discounts on trading fees and cash-back rewards.

Additionally, ORBN is to double up as a governance token, giving holders the right to vote on key decisions and proposals that could affect its long-term trajectory. Finally, Orbeon Protocol has also enabled staking, allowing token holders to generate passive income by locking part of their holdings.


Ripple Ending Woes

Ripple (XRP) is on the move after coming under immense pressure in 2022 owing to the broader sector collapse and legal skirmishes. However, with the two headwinds subsiding, Ripple has seen an increase in investor uptake going by the strong price gains. Likewise, it stands out as one of the best cryptocurrencies for diversifying an investment portfolio.

Unlike most cryptocurrencies, Ripple is way ahead in crypto adoption in the mainstream sector. Banks and other financial institutions are already using the Ripple (XRP) project’s network to enable cross-border transactions. Increased adoption involves the network enabling superfast transactions at some of the lowest costs.

While Ripple has had to face off with the Securities and Exchange Commission in a legal tussle over using Ripple (XRP) to raise funds, the dust might be slowly settling.

Cardano the Ethereum Killer

Cardano is another exciting project for anyone looking to gain exposure to the development of smart contracts and decentralized applications. Often dubbed as an Ethereum killer, Cardano is gaining traction among developers. Cardano’s blockchain is increasingly being used to facilitate the development of finance applications, gaming apps, and other cryptocurrency tokens.

Cardano is also supporting the development of various non-fungible tokens and marketplaces. The increased Cardano blockchain usage should continue to fuel demand for the native ADA token. Likewise, Cardano (ADA) is one of the coins poised to generate significant gains as the overall sector rallies.

Bottom Line

Ripple and Cardano are poised to see significant price gains in 2023 owing to their growing use in facilitating transactions and developing dApps and smart contracts, respectively. On the other hand, Orbeon Protocol is also poised for a notable price increase as it moves to redefine crowdfunding and investors recognize its long-term value.

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