Looking to Audit Your Smart Contract to Secure Your Crypto Project? Here Are the Best Audit Companies to Use

Smart contract security audits are typical in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem. It’s possible that the findings of a smart contract code review influenced your choice to invest in a blockchain startup.

As the interest in crypto grows, investors’ demand for security in this industry also follows this trend. It is therefore not surprising that so many new crypto projects are looking for the best smart contract audit services.

The industry is growing, and the alternatives on the market are flourishing. Today we will list some of the most popular smart contract auditors in the business.

Solidity Finance

Solidity Finance delivers smart contract audits that are both affordable and comprehensive. Solidity Finance is well-reputed in the community and is trusted as a top smart contract auditing company for projects of any complexity. 

Whether building a token, NFT, or complex financial protocol, their firm is an option that should be considered by any team launching a DeFi project. They conduct a thorough manual code review and hold several team meetings & peer reviews to discuss potential issues.

Solidity Finance is one of the few firms that offer both great technical expertise and engineers that are trained to have a deep understanding of the economics involved with decentralized finance. During their analysis, they apply adversarial thinking and economic modeling to determine if any issues are present that can pose a risk to users. 

The company strives to provide the quickest timelines possible despite always maintaining their thorough process. Most audits can be completed within 2-14 days, and simple NFTs or ERC20/BEP20 token audits can be completed in 36 hours. More complex financial protocols, however, may require longer turnaround times.


Former Qihoo 360 Chief Scientist Xuxian Jiang established PeckShield in 2018. Gaorong Capital is one of the main investors in the project. The team comprises security experts and researchers from many security firms in Hangzhou, Beijing, and San Francisco. 

There are strategic and long-term collaborations between PeckShield and essential actors in the blockchain ecosystem. Specifically, we’re talking about exchanges, wallets, and other crypto projects. 

 Among other things, these auditors found the Ethereum smart contract BatchOverflow flaw four years ago, which received extensive attention from the industry. The project is on’s Vendor List for smart contract security audits.  

Vulnerability analysis, operating systems, and malware defense are all areas of expertise for the team. All blockchain users may benefit from PeckShield’s security solutions, including DAppTotal and CoinHolmes.


CertiK provides a framework for formal verification for smart contracts and blockchain ecosystems. We’re talking about an audit business specializing in blockchain and smart contracts. Smart contracts in blockchain projects go through the firm’s validation system to verify the lack of risks in their deployment. 

CertiK provides a blockchain transaction monitoring service. This program (“Skynet”) keeps track of suspicious on-chain activities like flash loan assaults and displays them on a dashboard. This New York-based firm first appeared back in 2018 and managed to show good growth over time.

According to CertiK’s website, their audit reports are personalized, detailed, and openly available. The report will include information on any vulnerabilities found, a severity rating, and recommendations for fixing issues. 

The CertiK Security Leaderboard is available to the global crypto community after each successful audit by the team.


Trusted by prominent blockchains and sophisticated DeFi projects, OpenZeppelin provides crypto security technologies and services. OpenZeppelin first appeared in 2015 to safeguard billions of dollars in the crypto market. 

Several well-known crypto companies are among the partners and clients of the project. These companies include Coinbase, Compound, Aave, and TheGraph.

OpenZeppelin provides security tools for building, automating, and running decentralized applications. The team also conducts security assessments on prominent companies’ systems and goods to ensure their safety. 

Documentation on the smart contract economy is available on the project’s website. This operation demonstrates OpenZeppelin’s skill in the field of cryptography while also raising awareness of the subject online.

The team is growing, and its professionals work across all the continents. OpenZeppelin has a dedicated section on its website for career opportunities in the company.

Key Takeaways

 The ultimate goal of any smart contract audit is the same regardless of which company is selected. An audit should look for any vulnerabilities or bugs in the code.

Automated smart contract auditing solutions are proving more and more over time to be insufficient, making the manual review procedure critical for ensuring the security of smart contracts. It is always best to ensure that a project’s code has been manually reviewed by experienced and reputable companies such as the ones mentioned within this article.



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