Looking For an Enterprise Search Solution? Find Out More About Open Search

Enterprises and companies usually own a lot of data in the form of videos, presentations, and documents, and it can be difficult to process, search and organize the data. This makes the process of searching for information cumbersome and time-consuming for employees from the lack of streamlining and efficiency. 

A good enterprise search allows employees to perform instant searches within the company’s database. With the reduced amount of time spent on doing searches, it becomes easier for employees to concentrate on high-value tasks better. The process of enterprise searching flows like this:

  1. Content awareness: this is the process of connecting the different databases available in the enterprise catalog to get the best results for your search on all available platforms
  2. Content processing: since the different databases will have different formats, the next step for the search engine will be applying document filters to convert them into the most efficient format for searching. 
  3. Indexing: After proceeding with the content, it is then stored in an index that contains all the words and relevant information on ranking and frequency of use for the terms. 
  4. Result display: In this stage, the results are given out according to what is most relevant. 

Inclusion of OpenSearch in the enterprise search solution:

The process of enterprise search can be burdensome when the data is not synchronized. OpenSearch inclusion can help manage this because it is a distributed and analytic open-search suite that can be applied to ease the search process. It makes it possible to scale as your company’s database scales and provides fast access and instant responses from large volumes of data. There is an integrated visualization tool that makes it easy to navigate and explore the provided data in its different forms. The benefits of OpenSearch include:

  1. There are no external dependencies as the OpenSearch system is self–sufficient in processing data
  2. There is an instant improvement in the digital experience for employees and set-ups take as few as 15 minutes
  3. There is full compatibility with different solutions that are available in the market already for enterprise search solutions. This means that you do not have to set up your systems afresh but simply integrate accordingly. The integration process is highly flexible 
  4. There is an inclusion of flexible, native NLP and AI capabilities that support different organizations and industries

The OpenSearch system you settle on will be dependent on the needs of your company and the price ranges. The best OpenSearch system to integrate with your enterprise search has to be of the highest quality and offer 24/7 support for you and your employees. 


An effective enterprise search system can work miracles for pushing efficiency and quality research among your team members. When there is a lot of information to sort out, employees may become discouraged to conduct research or spend an unnecessarily huge amount of time on this research. With OpenSearch,  you can have your team focused on the things that matter most and push your company forward in the ways that matter the most. 


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