Looking For A Phone Charging Station? Check Out These Options!


The days of phones that last all day are long gone, which means most of us now use portable phone chargers to make it through the day. But that doesn’t mean we want to carry these around with us everywhere we go, which has led companies to come up with charging stations that you can put in your office or at home, instead of using those bulky power banks you need to plug in to charge up. If you are planning to buy phone charging station, you may be wondering if this worth the investment? Here’s what you need to know before buying one.

There are multiple options for you to buy phone charging station. You need to decide the kind of phone charging station which suits your needs and your budget.

Phone charging tables are phone charging stations designed like tables. These stations have USB ports or cables to connect the phones. People can connect their phones to such a charging station, sit on chairs around it, and use their phones while they get charged. Businesses can even coat their phone charging tables with vinyl strips bearing their brand logos to showcase their brands.

Phone charging towers are the largest and support a maximum number of phones simultaneously. Such stations have a profound presence and are aesthetically appealing. Phone charging towers are the most expensive among all phone charging stations.

Cell phone lockers provide security to the phones being charged. There is no need to keep an eye on the phone because there are slots covered by lockable transparent doors to keep the phones. The lockers also have additional features such as backlighting, illuminated compartments, and more. Cords for both Android and Apple phones are present in such charging stations.

Type of connections

To buy phone charging station, you also need to know the type of charging point you need. The conventional phone charging station models come in both port and cable versions. USB ports are widely used in phone charging stations. Cables to support both Android and Apple devices are also used widely in phone charging stations.

A modern variety of phone charging stations is a wireless phone charging station. Wireless stations have electric pads which simply need to come in contact with mobile devices. They use a process called inductive charging, which entails the creation of an electromagnetic field between the phone and the charging pad to charge the phone. Wireless charging stations come in 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 models, supporting 2 and 3 devices, respectively.

Generic or Specialty

To buy phone charging station, you must consider whether to opt for a generic or speciality model.

The generic phone charging station has various types of ports or cables to charge different phones, varying in size and brand. These are versatile models widely found in public places.

If you want to buy phone charging station only for certain devices, such as iPhones or other Apple devices, you need to look for a speciality model supporting the specific kind of phone you want to charge.

Charging rate

The charging rate may or may not be a factor when looking for a phone charging station. Conventional phone charging stations provide normal charging speeds and are widely used in homes and commercial establishments.

In case you need swift charging, there are multiple options for phone charging stations having a quick charge feature. However, only compatible devices supporting quick charging can be connected to such a station.


Size must be taken into account to buy phone charging station. The size should be as per the space available to house the station. Large-sized charging stations such as towers or kiosks are suitable for large spaces, while wall-mounted models are suitable for compact spaces.


Safety features must be considered. Protection against electric surges and overheating to prevent the phones from getting damaged are essential safety features.


Brand reputation is an important consideration to buy phone charging stations. Reputed brands cost more but are reliable and long-lasting. Cheap models by dubious brands end up damaging the phones


The buy phone charging stations need to be chosen based on whether you need it for home or commercial use. Your goals need to be evaluated taking into consideration the things that were discussed earlier.

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