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Look out for common side effects after vaccinating your pet! Proper care can help improve the situation

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The pet vaccination is a medical procedure involving the injection of a vaccine into an animal to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity to one or more diseases. This can be achieved through a needle and syringe, a small shot glass, or a pre-filled syringe for small animals.  From mild swelling to cold and fever, pets generally have some side effects after vaccination. However, from time to time, it’s possible to see a few side effects of the vaccine. While most of these side effects are mild, some may require expert attention. Some common side effects of pet vaccinations include:

  1. Systemic Allergic Reactions

Those who have sensitive pets are the ones who can’t take part in vaccination. Their pets may become distressed or even may die. Most of these pets have developed a severe allergic reaction to the ingredients present in the vaccine. Itching is one common allergic reaction to pet vaccination, as it’s a common side effect of any injection. It lasts for a few days after immunization and generally disappears without complications.

  1. Injection Site Inflammation

This is a frequent occurrence following pet vaccination and depends on individual susceptibility to immediate hypersensitivity reactions to some bacterial components present in the vaccine, like Cefazolin or Polymyxin B Sulfates, which can be injected into your pet along with the vaccine itself. The signs may range from mild redness to severe swelling and drainage at the injection site.

  1. Fever

One of the common side effects of pet vaccination is a fever generally associated with inflammation, immune reaction, or complications caused by the disease itself. A mild fever after getting a vaccine shot is common, but if it continues bothering your pet, seek expert advice from BetterVet. The veterinary doctor can recommend some medications for fever control if it occurs following vaccination.

  1. Loss Of Appetite

Some pets may show loss of appetite following pet vaccination which may lead to poor growth and weight loss. The pet owner needs to observe this side effect and feed a small amount of food every few hours till the appetite returns. Some pets may become restless after pet vaccination and show unusual behavior for a few days. The most important thing to remember after your pet gets a shot is to keep the vaccination area clean and dry to prevent infection.

  1. Swelling Of Lymph Nodes 

Some vaccines contain microorganisms that are responsible for the production of white blood cells and production of antibodies. This is known as immune stimulation and may result in swelling or inflammation in your pet’s lymph nodes.

It may last for a few days to a few weeks depending on the severity of the disease or complications following vaccination such problems to dogs like s black and tan shiba. This is not a significant disease but should be watched out for by the veterinary doctor to prevent complications like secondary bacterial infection and further damage to the weak immune system.


It is always important to discuss with your pet care provider and vet before deciding to have your pet vaccinated. After all, these vaccines are meant to help protect your pets and not cause any harm. However, if you notice one of the common side effects of pet vaccination, then make sure to get in touch with the veterinary doctor as soon as possible.



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