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Electric bikes are popularly known as an improvement on the traditional bicycle by including a motor for propulsion and a battery to store charge. These little additions have gone a long way in changing the general mindset about transportation. Nowadays, increasing numbers of people turn to e-bikes for better, more convenient, and more affordable options. Moped-style electric bikes are a further improvement on the mechanisms of the ebike, as riders are provided with even more commuting convenience and adaptability.

There are several moped-style e-bikes available on the market. It will be totally wrong to determine which might be best for you without doing some research. Himiway Escape Pro is recognized as one of the industry leaders in moped-style e-bikes, with a design and features to aid better riding for interested riders. You can use Himiway Escape Pro as a standard for the features you require of a moped-style e-bike. Keep reading for more information.

The Himiway Escape Pro: A Long-Range Moped-style Beast

Himiway Escape Pro is a moped-style electric bike with many impressive features. It is designed to ensure maximum convenience for long-range riding, whether you ride solo or prefer company. Its provision for long-range and high adaptive features makes Himiway Escape Pro the best standard for determining the next best electric moped for your requirements. The contributing factors to the Himiway Escape Pro’s range include:

● Strong Battery For Long-range Riding

A strong battery is necessary for any form of long-distance riding you intend to embark on. It is common to see some riders packing backup batteries just to successfully complete a run. The problem with this is that your bike should be able to provide you with enough juice to complement your pedaling when you need it, especially if new.

With the 48V, 17.5Ah Samsung/LG lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 840Wh included in Himiway Escape Pro, you can enjoy reaching a range of up to 50 miles on a single complete charge. Most commutes to work, the store or the park with kids fall within this range. However, pedaling is recommended now and then when riding to get more out of the battery.

● Powerful Motor For Hilly Climbs

A powerful motor allows you to enjoy what feels like levitation on your e-bike. When the e-bike motor is not powerful enough, your weight and the combined pressure of your load can dwindle the battery charge drastically. You will also be at the complete mercy of the road conditions, and you will have to put in more effort just to climb regular hilly portions of the road.

With Himiway Escape Pro’s powerful upgraded 750W brushless geared hub motor, you can crush the most rugged and hilly terrain as conveniently as you want. The motor’s mechanism uses the latest updated inner ring, which provides better resistance to high temperatures and heat dissipation. This reduces the magnets’ attenuation speed, guaranteeing that you get to enjoy riding at high speeds for longer.

● High Payload Capacity

A moped-style e-bike with a strong battery and powerful motor but lacks a high payload capacity is nearly useless for more than enjoying a solo ride. With a high payload capacity, you can carry a ton of groceries, enjoy a jolly ride with your child or pet, or move heavy equipment with your e-bike and still enjoy a virtually smooth ride. A moped-style e-bike with a high payload capacity is also a perfect option for riders who are taller or larger than the average.

Himiway Escape Pro has a high payload capacity of up to 330 lbs that is adequately supported by the high-quality 6061 aluminum frame. The high payload capacity such as this ensures your bike is not under too much pressure from the weight. It also helps in preserving battery life and providing you with the long-range you need to complete your trips on pedal-assist or pure electric power.

● Grip And Traction

The last thing you want is to be riding on a slippery road and find yourself sloping off because your bike tires cannot provide the grip and stability you need. Moped-style e-bike tires with high grip and traction power are necessary if you intend to ride outside your neighborhood. With the extreme weather of the seasons, it is necessary to equip your bike with tires that can give you a riding chance come snow or rain.

Himiway Escape Pro comes equipped with fat tires measuring 20″ x 4″ in circumference and girth, which provide great stability and traction on slippery or muddy terrain. Boosting the tires’ efforts is the dual suspension and hydraulic lockout that ensures a high level of comfort on your rides under any road conditions. This system helps it provide better control and grip for a smoother trip.

●  Multifunctional LCD Display Features

When riding a bike, the best place you can face is ahead of you. This means you have only so much space to provide yourself with accessibility options. Apart from the space provided in front of you to stash your personal items, the LCD display provided harbors a variety of features that provide a more thorough riding experience. Himiway Escape Pro allows you to access information regarding your ride, such as your total battery capacity, the assist level you are on, the real-time power output of the motor, the current speed you are riding at, and the total miles ridden. Additionally, if your phone battery gets low, you can use the USB port to give your mobile device some charge.


The Himiway Escape Pro is a perfect choice for riders who need a moped-style e-bike to enjoy riding long distances. Its provision for long-range is exquisite, with a 48V, 17.5Ah Samsung/LG lithium-ion battery of 840Wh capacity storing enough charge for when you require it. With the powerful upgraded 750W geared hub motor, your trips will receive enough power output to function without stress or wear. Get ready to explore your city or favorite location this season on the Himiway Escape Pro, a high-quality fat tire electric bike for long-distance rides.

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