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Long haul transportation-Only trust the pioneer in this field


Heavy cargo or large haul transportation is used on a large scale by industries and companies that operate in commerce, both in the sale of wholesale and retail products. In these segments, there is a need to transport products and equipment with an extremely high weight, without any damage, making the use of more efficient alternatives for the fast and safe transport of these loads.


Heavy load transport specifications

Due to the great weight of the transport products, it is necessary to use vehicles with special characteristics, and it is always recommend to choose heavy-duty long haul trucks for heavy cargo transport, as these trucks are capable of transporting heavy loads over long distances without risk. To hire a heavy cargo transport service, you can choose between two different modalities – leasing the truck for a period chosen by the customer, or just a fixed freight, determined by the distance between the consignee and the point of departure.


Both are great options that meet the needs of each customer, while also allowing resources to be spend more efficiently. However, if your company needs to carry out heavy-duty transport, do not hesitate and contact the professional. Know that American Freight Inc offering heavy haul transportation offers specialised service as per your requirements. It is one of the leading among heavy haul trucking companies in North America.


 Is it a good option?

The professional heavy haul transportation company has experience, a qualified team, and that has all the knowledge and infrastructure necessary for the service. Oversized and over-dimensional freight becomes a more advantageous option than acquiring vehicle fleets and creating your logistics department. Since the expenses with the maintenance and transport of the products are higher than the benefits of opting for heavy cargo transport carried out by a specialized company, the company does not run a risk at all.


Whom do you trust?

It is true that there are many companies offering long haul transportation. However, not all of them have the experience, expertise, and a qualified team. The vehicles may not be fir or up to date. They may have hidden charges. They may not have proper liability insurance, or an expired license. There could be dozens of things to consider so as not becoming a victim


Are you looking for the best?

Look for well established service providers in rental and freight services. There are many who have special vehicles designed to work with extremely heavy loads, it is the best option for heavy cargo transport, regardless of the transport distance of the products. With full coverage for handling and transport, it is the best choice for customers who seek total reliability in the movement of their loads, avoiding any kind of inconvenience caused by accidents on the way or loss of transported loads.


In the end

The main advantages offered when looking for a company business that works with the heavy cargo transport service are greater convenience for transport, the equipment is transported safely, and the responsible company takes care of the loading and unloading of the equipment. The companies that offer heavy cargo transport work have their employees responsible for all the handling of the product to guarantee the client’s assets.

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