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London Fintech Week 2017: A Fintech Innovation Conference

London fintech week involves a series of conferences, workshops, exhibitions, meetups, hackathons, and parties. On each day of the week, a different topic is covered while allowing sufficient time for meeting other innovators and networking. Usually, the main event of the London Fintech week is held at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel with other events taking place across the city, Canary Wharf and the “Tech City.” The first London fintech week was organized in 2014. Subsequent events have been held in 2015 and 2016 all of which attracted top fintech minds from across the globe. In 2015, a Blockchain Hackathon was held at the Canary Wharf as part of the week’s event.

London is a leading global fintech hub with a thriving fintech community. The aim of holding fintech weeks is to converge the world’s financial leaders in the world’s financial capital.  Key among the aims of this event is usually the promotion of dialogue among the various players in the financial institution including the well-established multinationals, disruptive startups, innovation firms, the media, government, and investors. Additionally, the event is important in helping companies and individuals learn something new from peers, meet new clients, investor, developers, and partners and find value for their existing businesses.

The 2017 event is taking place from 7th to 14th July. It was anticipated that the event was going to attract between 3000 and 5000 participants throughout the week with 600-1000 conference delegates daily drawn from over 50 countries across the world. The list of speakers includes the most accomplished people in the financial services sector, both traditional finance and fintech.

There has been a Blockchain hackathon weekend from 7th July 2017. It is one the biggest Blockchain hackathon since the inception of Fintech Week London event four years ago. The challenge has come up with a unique blockchain namely initial coin offering (ICO), a bold challenge indeed but potentially very rewarding. Participating teams were formed at the kick-off event on the 7th at Cocoon Networks, Moorgate. After a rigorous process, the winning teams will be rewarded with a cash prize amounting to £1000. Additionally, they will be given an opportunity to present their concept to all the participants at the fintech week. The online registration to attend the fintech week is still ongoing. In addition to the blockchain hackathon, there are lots of other activities.

The Fintech Week London comes two months after London hosted the first ever International Fintech Conference in the world. The event received great support from the government as it was viewed as critical in positioning the UK strategically in the world of commerce ahead of Brexit to continue attracting international investors.

London Fintech Week is great for all fintech enthusiasts. You can find the agenda for the entire week on the website of London Fintech Week. You can also register online to attend the event.

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