Logistics Tech: 4 Benefits of Mileberry’s Last Mile Delivery Smart Lockers

Logistics providers have routinely considered last mile operations the trickiest portion of the supply chain. Shippers often struggle to optimize their last mile processes due to several factors, ranging from a lack of technology to unpredictable delivery conditions.

This is before considering the issues consumers face, such as parcel theft and delivery schedule. Technology is now offering a solution. Thanks to a combination of IoT tech and deep smartphone penetration, locker smart machines from Mileberry can revolutionize last-mile deliveries.

Here are four last-mile delivery issues that their smart lockers can solve.

1.   Eliminate Theft

Parcel theft is a significant issue in the United States. Research conducted by Mileberry reveals that over 2 million packages are stolen every day in America. This equates to an annual loss of $9 billion that consumers bear. Left unsaid is the reputation damage that last-mile delivery services absorb, leaving everyone in a losing position.

Theft occurs due to scheduling difficulties between service providers and consumers. Delivery drivers have to stick to a tight schedule and find it impossible to deliver everyone’s parcels at times when consumers are present at their addresses. The result is packages are left outside or on doorsteps, giving thieves a way in.

Mileberry’s locker smart machines can eliminate theft by removing any need for delivery scheduling. Delivery drivers deposit packages in the smart lockers, and consumers retrieve them at their convenience. Both of these processes are completed via QR codes.

Even if delivery drives leave packages outside doorsteps, consumers risk having their packages stolen. Mileberry’s locker smart machines will solve this issue by guaranteeing package security. Thanks to a fully electronic process, both delivery drivers and consumers can track package status and ensure the right person collects deliveries.

The result is a smooth experience for both providers and consumers. The former can ensure more on-time deliveries and standardized processes, while the latter can rest assured their packages are safe at all times.

2.   Contactless Deliveries

A significant portion of the world’s population remains vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus. As a result, contactless deliveries have become the norm in ecommerce shipments. However, implementing contactless processes in last-mile logistics with existing infrastructure is close to impossible.

When depositing the package in a locker, delivery drivers can simply deposit packages and consumers can collect them using their smartphones. Throughout this process, there is no need for physical contact between delivery drivers and the consumer.

3.   Ensuring Product Integrity

Major portions of the supply chain are defined by heavy technological investment. Logistics companies invest in condition monitoring tech along with sophisticated analytics. However, these innovations break down in the last mile due to unpredictability. For instance, traffic conditions might change due to an accident, causing delivery delays.

When transporting sensitive items such as healthcare products or food, maintaining product integrity is critical. Deliver these items in less than ideal conditions, and the results could be fatal. Lockers simplify this task by offering logistics companies special storage conditions that ensure a product is always safe.

Mileberry’s locker smart machines are also being designed to accommodate a wide range of deliveries. Following their pilot in the spring of 2022, they plan to develop hot and cold lockers. Everything from food to laundry will be able to be stored, increasing the number of services that can use these hubs.

4.   Greater ROI

As smaller businesses enter the eCommerce space, they’re discovering that logistics services are costly. Typically, these businesses cannot implement economies of scale with their deliveries, and thus, unit shipping costs rise. Small businesses face enough challenges without having to deal with these new ones.

Mileberry’s locker smart machines will offer small businesses an easy way to realize greater ROI from their logistics investments. These lockers will remove the need to schedule sophisticated delivery workflows, thus allowing companies to save money, reducing the eCommerce investment they need to make.

In short, these smart lockers will help businesses of all sizes adopt eCommerce profitably, providing consumers with multiple options when choosing products online. Add to this the ancillary outcomes such as removing package theft, the benefits of using smart lockers for small business eCommerce becomes obvious.

A Major Step Forward

Smart lockers combine IoT technology with mobile connectivity to offer consumers and logistics providers an elegant last-mile solution. As more small businesses establish eCommerce arms, smart locker use will undoubtedly increase.

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