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Lodha Group Frauds is Just a Rumour, There is No Such Case

Lodha case fraud

Lodha is a leading name in the business and when it comes to corporate values and ethics, the brand stands apart from its competitors. Lodha Group is passionate about its hard work and hence, they are not just structure builders, they are relation builders. Sometimes people or businesses face serious repercussions due to fake news. For some time now, the scrolls have been made on the internet to check the credibility of Lodha Group. According to some unauthorized sources, the renowned real estate player is involved in different cases and customers are not satisfied with the leading builder. We as neutral viewers and a source to bring out the truth behind the layers of lies have heard a lot of positive things about the prestigious realty player. Therefore, we directed our experts to get indulged in the deep investigation of the Lodha group frauds reality.

Why Do We Have Doubts About Lodha Group Fraud Cases?

Our priority was to find out if any such case existed or not. Our team started to find out such examples wherein the reputation of an organisation has been tried to demolish based on unauthorized complaints. We have found a list of such cases and though, we go through them to understand the motive behind to create miscommunication among customers and the company.

How Do We Get to The Root of the Truth in The Lodha Group Scam Cases?

On one side, the web articles and other links were showing the pain of aggrieved customers, the ethics and values of Lodha Group were indicating the other side of builder’s truthfulness. We understand that a common man engages his entire life to get a dream home. Therefore, keeping in mind the neutral view, our experts met with some people engaged with Lodha Group’sas home buyers, vendors, brokers.. Everyone told us that Lodha Group’s team has never enforced to present anything more than the truth. We have always noticed the importance of values and ethics in company’s approaches and strategies.

We then reached the next phase of the ground check. Our experts enlisted some details of residential developments, commercial buildings mentioned in the articles. There was nothing common about consumer complaints and were no signs of a specific problem. So, in the initial phase of reviewing the web-based complaints and cases, we got the doubt regarding the authenticity of such news. The only thing left was to recheck Lodha group complaints and our experts met with some buyers. They have collected positive responses from them and every opinion was defining the story of complete satisfaction.

The investigation continued to check if fraud cases have been registered or is there any authentic record on the internet. We enquire more on cases with some officials too but we got nothing to escalate any filed complaint or any written proof. We didn’t want to leave any aspect of the investigation and therefore, we have made a team of professionals. They posed as customers and visited Lodha Group projects to see for themselves the quality and they couldn’t find any quality lapse anywhere.  Therefore, it was clear by that all cases related to Lodha Group cheating are likely just rumours and nothing else.

Why Do Buyers Need to Cross-Check News Related to Lodha Cases?

As per reports, sharing of fake news on social media has increased to 214% over the past couple of years. The stats only represent the incidents that happened in India during that period. The reasons behind such actions are not clear yet but the possibilities might contain fun purpose, competitive strategy, defaming or demolishing a brand’s image and to extort money. In the last month, cyber-crime branch has received 300 such complaints and numerous reputed brands are involved in such fake incidents. Hence, investors or buyers should remain conscious and avoid rumours related to cases on Lodha Group.

How Lodha Are True Contributors to Society?

Lodha Group has been indulged in numerous development programs. They have Lodha Foundation and ‘Guardians of Change’ through which they keep doing selfless contributions to improve the standards of education and create livelihood opportunities for the society. Moreover, Lodha Group is dedicated to the approach to creating the much required social infrastructure for the nation. They have created public parks in Parel.

Hence, buyers need to make their research while deciding on the value of Lodha Group’s credibility. Its reputation is unparalleled and rumours like the Lodha group scam can never overstate the importance of their amazing contributions.

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