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Locksmith Prices in the UK

Doors and locks are one of the most important aspects in any home. They ensure your security and safety, and are the first lines of defence against intruders and malicious persons. Despite this, we rarely, if ever, have to think about them. They are mechanisms that don’t require much thought.

So then, have you ever wondered what would happen if they break or need maintenance? How much would you need to take out of your pockets for professional locksmiths to take a look at your locks? Fret not! In this article, we’ll discuss some of the common jobs that locksmiths do and how much, on average, you’ll get charged for them in the UK.

Fitting New Locks

Every now and then, new locks must be fitted into your doors. Regardless if your old locks broke or you just want to upgrade your security, you’d need to call in a locksmith to aid you. The price of these new locks will depend on what kind of lock you need fitted and whether you have the keys to the existing locks.

For euro cylinders the average price is at £80 with prices ranging from £50 to £125. These locks are most commonly seen on residential properties with uPVC doors. For rim cylinders, on the other hand, the average price is not far off at about £75 with prices ranging from £50 to £115.

Replacing a garage door lock (T-handle) will cost you on average £85 (£52 to £125) while replacing a patio door lock will be about £80 (£45 to £118). Finally, if you want to transition to the digital world, you may look into getting internal digital door locks. These will cost you about £105 to a top price of £160 for a fresh install.


It’s inevitable that sometimes, we are locked out of our own homes. Whether we forgot our keys inside or the lock simply won’t open with the right key, it’s still a hassle and disrupts your flow. More so at night when it’s not exactly safe outside. Luckily, there are emergency locksmiths to save the day (or night).

Just like in fitting new locks, the cost of an emergency locksmith depends on what type of lock they’ll be dealing with. It also depends on the time of the day, distance the locksmith has to travel, and whether the lock needs to be replaced. Sometimes, emergency locksmiths will charge more for jobs outside of normal, daytime hours so keep that in mind. For example, a standard night latch can be opened outside of an emergency for an average of £70 with a top price of £95. But, during a late-night emergency, the same costs an average of £75 with a top price of £130.

Picking or drilling and then fitting a new 3-lever mortice lock will cost on average £105 with prices ranging from £65 to £170. Meanwhile, for a 5-lever mortice lock, it will be an average £117 with prices ranging from £75 to £175. Lastly, a BS 5-lever mortice lock will be even more expensive, with an average of £120.

Removing Stuck Keys

Much like lockouts, stuck keys are an infuriating experience. I dare say they’re even more annoying than lockouts when you have your key with you but it just gets stuck or snaps in the lock cylinder. When that happens, simply leave the key alone and call your local locksmith. They’ll be able to remove broken or snapped house keys to a door for about £65, with prices ranging from £40 to £95. However, if you do not have a spare working key, the cylinder may be replaced, which will cost you more.

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