LivelyVerse and UCL Latam launch blockchain-themed TV show, boost adoption  

On September, 2022, the LivelyVerse platform premieres Lively World — a native blockchain-themed TV show. Launched on UCL Latam with the help of Capital Coin, the show will reach 40 million households in Latin America. The main goal of the launch is to raise awareness of crypto projects, educate the masses about the technology, and spread out the word on the latest news and achievements in the decentralized world. 

Funding for startups and existing companies 

LivelyVerse focuses on empowering the progress of the arts and entertainment sector. Founded in 2021, the platform leverages its “Decentralized Venture” model to unlock funding for start-ups and companies from different sectors, including crypto and blockchain. Via LivelyVerse, entrepreneurs can access necessary funding through the platform’s ecosystem, including the streaming platform for crowdfunding & audiovisual content creations.

‘We give life to projects by helping them raise funds through Innoverse, our decentralized VC. On top of that, we’ve built an ecosystem where VCs, angel investors, and accelerators can be a part of our DAO, validating startups. And the best part is, they are not going to risk their money to invest in a project, as they’ll get rewarded by startup shares,’ says Parsa Abbasi, co-founder, CTO, and CSO at LivelyVerse.

‘Another significant thing both budding and existing projects need is marketing. Now companies and entrepreneurs can get exposure for their projects in different types of media, as well as get help from our amazing partners with marketing, ads, and PR,’ adds Gabriela Reyes, LivelyVerse CEO and Founder.

Lively World: boosting project exposure and tech’s adoption

With the launch of Lively World, LivelyVerse becomes the first blockchain platform to have its own TV show. Each episode will be 25 minutes long and consist of 3 parts: an intro with basic notions about blockchain, international news and culture, and an interview. Spanish is the primary language of the show, but Youtube will also feature the English version to increase exposure. 

Lively World will highlight blockchain use cases in different sectors, the latest news on metaverse, VR, NFTs, Web 3.0 and crypto, mining, security issues such as hacking and network risks, explore politics and economics in relation to blockchain and digital assets and share personal experiences of the guests.  

The guest list for the next episodes features Ferrán Martinez, former pro basketball player and NBA PR, now founder of several blockchain companies and investment funds; Carol Zurita, an author, investor, branding specialist, and founder of Smart Benjie consultancy; Alejandro Egea, an Argentinian crypto influencer and trading school owner; and Jazmin Chi — poet, voice actress, entrepreneur, business consultant, philanthropist, educator, podcaster & model.

To encourage active community members, the platform introduces monetary rewards for those viewers who engage with the ecosystem, powered by $LVL: a native ERC-20 utility token built on Polygon Network. $LVL holders can stake their tokens to receive additional income. 

To keep track of the latest project news and check out the release dates, visit the official website or follow Lively on Twitter.

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