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Live Video: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Live video chatting and marketing is a powerful tool that everyday citizens, businesses, and many other groups can benefit from. The growth that has already occurred within this type of technology is astounding, and reports show that by 2028, revenue from live video will reach $184 billion.

Consumers want live video, while industries like business, gaming, real estate, marketing, and healthcare need it to operate and keep up with communication. Live video encompasses games, online meetings, presentations, advertisements, appointments, and entertainment into one large revenue generating method of increasing connectivity between those who seek it. Therefore, while online and video visuals have been found to be the most effective way of processing information, there are several kinks that need to be worked through.

Bandwidth, quality, encoding, privacy, compatibility, user interface, and poor quality videos are all pitfalls that many users fall victim to. These issues each present a unique set of problems for those trying to conduct their everyday lives through video communication platforms. These problems are so frequent, over 25% of professionals are reported to believe that web conferencing tools are actually hindering sales.

The future of live video lies in the hands of companies and services that dedicate their resources to improving the user experience. There are several new developments that will elevate both the user and the host’s experience while online, creating a world where online communication can, and will become second nature.

The power of nimble live video

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