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Live Guard 360 Reviews: Wireless Wifi Bulb Security Camera

The LiveGuard 360 Home Security HD Camera is a great option if people want a home security camera that will give them peace of mind. They can view their house clearly and in high resolution with this camera at any time of day or night. Everything they need to get started is included, and it’s easy to set up and use.

To provide a higher level of safety within one’s own four walls, surveillance cameras should be used. Many cameras don’t produce the best quality images in the event of theft. Therefore, there is no evidence of robbery on the tapes. Many models fall short, especially at night or in the dark. The Live Gatekeeper 360 ought to deliver excellent quality. It is assumed that viewing in personal or professional spaces is permitted. Get Live Guard 360 For The Most Discounted Price

What is Live Guard 360?

The security camera LiveGuard360 doesn’t require any fees or outside help. Individuals only need to put each unit in a light holder to be able to monitor the home.

Although it has a camera for surveillance, this device also enables them to interact and chat with their family. LiveGuard360 also has a full 360-degree swivel feature that lets people focus on what they want. Secure Your Home and Office Today

How does Live Guard 360 work?

The Live Guard 360 is designed to provide high-quality service. It is intended to permit surveillance in public and private spaces. It is intended to be a premium security camera that provides a high degree of comfort. Installing the Live Guard 360 at home is simple. It provides 360-degree vision and has a motion sensor to detect an intruder even in dim lighting. The system can be configured such that, in the event of movement, an alarm instantly appears on your smartphone.

The ability of a surprise factor to deter a burglar is especially advantageous. The Live Guard 360 provides alarms with both light and sound. The acoustic cues boost home security. The security camera has a loud alarm that is both bright and visible. The manufacturer claims that this deterrence and surveillance system is 100% effective.


  • Any computer, tablet, or phone can use WiFi to connect to the camcorder.
  • With the development of technology, security cameras can do more and more. The most modern type of security camera is LiveGuard360. The amount of pixels on this camera is four times that of an HD camera.
  • This is because the amount of information these cameras can gather allows for better detection of possible dangers.
  • Sensors that detect motion and let a person know if his smartphone is in alert mode.
  • Security systems using LiveGuard360 cameras can therefore be set up to be more sensitive, which lowers the number of false alerts. By using LiveGuard360 Security Cameras, a person can help in the capture and prosecution of criminals.
  • To keep the power on, connect to the lamp holder.
  • Due to the weather outside, it does not rain.
  • This is because these cameras’ extensive data collection makes it simpler to identify suspects and compile a case against them. Moreover, the LiveGuard360 video can be used as proof in court, helping those who have already been sentenced to death.
  • Using the night and day modes may result in a nice photograph.
  • The area is illuminated by an LED light and has night vision.
  • Because of its high resolution, LiveGuard360 can take pictures that are clear and accurate enough to be used for a person- or object identification. Several good things occur when you use the LiveGuard360 security camera. They may lessen the frequency of erroneous warnings, which is a good thing.
  • It can rotate 360 degrees and 90 degrees up and down with remote control.
  • Depending on the loaded memory, card recording can last for up to 22 days.
  • Videos and photos will both be high HD.
  • Shipping to any country is free.

How to install Live Guard 360?

Even individuals who are not tech-savvy and have never used a security device can easily install the LiveGuard360 Camera. The camera can be used by simply putting it into any ordinary light bulb socket, as was already explained. Users must first download the LiveGuard360 App on their smartphones to begin viewing the photos captured by the camera in real-time and using it to communicate with others in the house while the LiveGuard360 owner is away for no additional charge. Any iOS or Android smartphone can use the LiveGuard360 App.


  • Frame rate: 15 frames per second, 1080P resolution, 1/3-inch CMOS sensor.
  • 02 Lux using an IR 6mm lens and 0.02 Lux@(2.0, AGC ON).
  • Speaking intercom: Movement Intercom with two-way voice support for tracking.
  • MODE IR-CUT Local Storage for Automatic Switch Movement Detection Support: Maximum 128G TF card support, link video/event recording, support TF card storage.
  • Conventional connected connection.
  • Power supply DC Working temperature range of 110V-220V: -20°C to 80°C; power consumption: 24W working humidity 10% 95% non-condensing.

Final Verdict:

Customers can purchase additional LiveGuard360 security cameras to secure the safety of every area of their homes because doing so deters burglars and attackers and helps in providing evidence to the police in the case of an attack or break-in.

It should be an excellent reconnaissance camera that provides a high level of comfort. It is simple to install the Live Guard 360 in your home. It provides 360-degree vision and has a movement sensor to identify a gate breaker even in dim lighting.

The framework can be configured so that, in the event of development, an alarm immediately appears on your mobile device. If there is construction outside or inside your home, you are appropriately informed while working or attending college. Advantageously, a robber can be scared off by an unanticipated factor. Visit Live Guard 360 Official Website Here

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