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Little Loop: Transforming Kids’ Fashion with Sustainable Clothing Rentals

Little Loop: Transforming Kids' Fashion with Sustainable Clothing Rentals

Little Loop, a business featured on the popular TV show Dragons’ Den, is revolutionizing the way parents dress their children. Founded by Charlotte Morley, Little Loop offers a sustainable solution to the ever-growing problem of kids outgrowing their clothes quickly. This innovative business model has garnered significant attention and investment, making it a noteworthy success story in the industry of children’s clothing.

A Sustainable Solution

Little Loop is designed to tackle the massive waste generated by children’s clothing. With a monthly subscription starting at £18, parents can rent clothes worth £165 from various reputable brands, including Frugi, Polarn O. Pyret, and Little Green Radicals. This model not only reduces waste but also offers parents a cost-effective way to dress their kids in high-quality, sustainable clothing​.

Dragons’ Den Success

Charlotte Morley’s pitch on Dragons’ Den was a memorable one. Seeking £70,000 for a 7.5% stake, she impressed the Dragons with her business’s environmental impact and potential for growth. Ultimately, she secured a double investment of £140,000 from Deborah Meaden and Steven Bartlett, each taking a 12.5% equity in the company​. This marked a historic moment on the show, highlighting the significant support and belief in Little Loop’s mission.

Expansion and Growth

Since appearing on Dragons’ Den, Little Loop has seen substantial growth. The company has tripled its subscriber base and continues to expand its offerings. This growth is not just in customer numbers but also in partnerships with more sustainable brands. The exposure from the show has also helped in making rental fashion more mainstream, encouraging more parents to consider this eco-friendly option​​.

Environmental Impact

Little Loop’s business model significantly reduces the environmental footprint of children’s clothing. By renting each item of clothing multiple times, the company extends the lifespan of garments, reducing the need for new production. This approach saves approximately 630 kg of clothing waste, 13,547 kg of CO2 emissions, and 583,771 litres of water annually​​.

Customer Experience

The flexibility of Little Loop’s service is a major draw for parents. Customers can swap clothes as often as needed, ensuring that their children always have the right size and style without the guilt of waste. The company also offers insurance for the clothes, alleviating any concerns parents might have about renting items that their kids will inevitably play and get dirty in​.This approach saves approximately 630 kg of clothing waste, 13,547 kg of CO2 emissions, and 583,771 litres of water annually​​.


Little Loop is more than just a rental service; it is a movement towards sustainable and responsible fashion for children. With its innovative approach and significant backing from prominent investors, Little Loop is set to revolutionize the way we think about children’s clothing. Geeksaroundglobe has reported the company’s net worth, boosted by its success on Dragons’ Den, stands at £750,000 as of 2023, reflecting its growing influence and impact in the market​​.

For parents looking to combine sustainability with affordability, Little Loop offers a compelling solution that benefits both their wallets and the environment. As the company continues to grow, it promises to make sustainable fashion accessible and appealing to a wider audience.


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