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Little Butterflies Is Changing The Dynamics Of Formative Learning Through An All-Inclusive Curriculum For Babies To Pre-School Children!

The demand for world-class education and the implementation of effective learning strategies have taken center stage post-pandemic and centers like the Little Butterflies  Day Care and Learning Centre are playing an integral role in establishing such practices in the education system. 

History of Little Butterflies:

The foundation and the first center of Little Butterflies were opened in 2017 in Dallas, Texas. The complete establishment of the business was done by Mr. Philip Austin Brooks and his wife who started the center with the sole aim to provide every child with the quality education that they deserve and at the same time eradicate racial inequality within the community through a curriculum that exposed children to cross-culture verticals. 

Former Pro-Athlete turned Education Reformer: 

Mr. Philip Austin Brook was a former pro-athlete who had an astounding career in Basketball. During his tenure with sports, he understood that many children struggled with their social lives due to the lack of good education and exposure that they should have received during their formative years. He also understood the importance and the role that quality child care and initial learning opportunities played for them to build and develop relationships that will help them thrive across all verticals in their lives. This very understanding was the drive that helped in ideating the process behind Little Butterflies. 

Why Little Butterflies?

Upon getting established, the education center started gaining immense popularity among the Dallas folks mainly due to its forward-thinking strategies that enabled children to be more curious about learning. The complete curriculum of Little Butterflies is designed with exposure to multi-cultural horizontals giving the children confidence in their identities, families, the cultures, and traditions that they hail from, and at the same time impart them with high-standard quality education.   

The Team Behind Little Butterflies:

The Caregivers that run Little Butterflies are professionally trained individuals with exposure to respond and react based on each child that steps into their establishment. The idealogy behind little butterflies is that every child is unique and similar to their uniqueness, and so are their needs. The Caregivers are well aware of how to respond to a wide variety of behaviors to ensure they groom the thinking and learning skills of the child according to that and correct them in their formative years. The biggest highlight that made Little Butterflies every parent’s favorite in the US is their integrated Day Care Centre Curriculum. 

Curriculum Built For All Age Groups:

The Day Care Centre Curriculum is coupled and equipped with enhanced learning and development strategies that help the children to understand and build relationships in the real world in a controlled environment. The curriculum also contains playful learning opportunities and cohesive core standards that are designed to keep the child engaged in understanding and use critical thinking for them to learn more things.

The main philosophy behind Little butterflies learning center is to provide the children with the highest standards of education in an environment that mimics something close to home. Apart from running a chain of Learning Education centers, the establishment is also open for franchise opportunities which are helping them spread their footprint across the US. 

Wide Variety Of Optional Services And Availability Across the US:

Their DayCare services are spread across three age horizons namely for babies, toddlers, and Pre-schoolers. The service is custom built and designed according to the needs and requirements of each age group covering all requirements of the age group. The root of the program focuses more on imbibing emotional intelligence into the thinking of the child giving the child enough time to adapt and implement their learnings in the real world. 

The curriculum recently included foreign studies which made it famous among parents in the US slowly paving the way for little butterflies to become one of the leading centers in the US. They are spread across the US with more than 8 centers in places like mesquite, Arlington, and so on. Head on to their official website to get started with your child’s learning adventure!

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