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Lior Poly on the Key Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Since he chose to plunge into the world of online marketing at just 19years old, Lior Poly says that affiliate marketing is the best thing he ever got involved in. He continues to urge everyone interested in starting an online business to look into affiliate marketing.

Lior Poly outlines the key benefits of affiliate marketing for those interested but still conflicted about going into the field.

1. Home-based work

Once you become successful in this field, Lior Poly explains, you can create a long-term Passive Income from it. You can be your boss and work cheaply from home. Additionally, it is free to sign up for affiliate programs, and you have a variety of choices to choose from.

2. Steady cost 

As an affiliate marketer, you can continue receiving commission from the sales of a service or product even long after you’ve stopped doing the work of promoting it. You need only invest the time at the start, and from then on, your source of income is auto-piloted. 

As an affiliate merchant, Lior says that there are high chances of making huge profits on sales without spending a fortune on marketing.

3. Commission basis

Every time that someone purchases a product, the affiliate marketer receives an agreed-on percentage of the profit. Similarly, affiliate merchants only pay the marketer if they make a sale, and therefore, no money is spent on marketing.

4. Online market

As an affiliate marketer, you can access any number of calls with your affiliate work regardless of what field you choose to go into. Likewise, as an affiliate merchant, you can rest assured that the demand for shopping will not decrease. Therefore, you can expand your products’ range to meet several online markets, mainly because you have ready affiliates to promote them quickly and at a low cost.

5. Huge audience

Affiliate marketers having built up various marketing lists or websites, Lior Poly says that they can use their vast audience base to send out more traffic to the merchant and ensure that sales are made, thereby making more money for themselves.

On the other hand, affiliate merchants receive access to a broader audience base than they may have ever had, all without investing any more money and time.

6. Brand Visibility

Lior Poly says that working with a range of brands builds an affiliate’s reputation, and consequently, they gain more confidence from other merchants due to their successes in the past. Similarly, affiliate merchants continually receive free brand exposure, which boosts their search engine rankings and online sales.

7. Transparency

The various affiliate programs make it possible for the affiliate marketer to monitor when sales are made and automated payment. A marketer, therefore, doesn’t have to keep following up with a merchant on the amount.

8. Ease

Subsequently, Lior Poly says that it becomes straightforward to manage sales and make money without exerting yourself every day once you have set up links and your additional sites across to the merchant as an affiliate marketer.


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