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OperaVPS hosting review

This article is for those who need to run a website for their startup or they need a server to run their applications or projects. To do this, you will need to choose a VPS & RDP provider for your project. In this article, we will explain the OperaVPS provider services and products.

In the early stages of running a startup, you should try to make the best decisions possible so that there are no problems in the future. Choosing the best RDP Server & VPS service can be one of the main criteria to be successful in running your startup.

What Is A VPS Server?

A VPS server is a service that is created inside the main server using virtualization systems like VMware. A VPS can have different operating systems and resources. Operating systems like Windows, Linux, MikroTik.

Linux VPS

This service is a VPS with Linux operating system installed on it. On Linux VPS, it is possible to install any distribution of Linux. because of its features, Linux is used to host most of the websites in the world.

Most of the famous control panels and web servers like cPanel, Direct Admin, Apache, Litespeed, and Nginx are run on Linux. Linux servers are used as backup servers, hosting servers, FTP servers, game servers, etc.

Using OperaVPS services, you can use any distributions on your Linux VPS like Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, FreeBSD.

What Are The OperaVPS Products Features?

There are some features that distinguish OperaVPS services from other providers. Let’s check these criteria one by one.

High-Speed Storage

The storage is important when you work with huge data inside your server and you need fast-speed hardware or if your job is sensitive to be done in time and you are not able to wait for anything. OperaVPS offers all its servers on fast SSD Servers.

Fast And High-Quality Support Services

You may need to contact the provider and ask for support because of different reasons. The important criteria in receiving good support are fast response, different channels to contact, and high-quality support.

Dedicated Resources

By having dedicated resources, you won’t face any slowness and disruption in your service. Having dedicated resources means your service is isolated and it increases the safety of your service.

Scalable Hardware

When your business grows, you will need to have more resources and you should be able to upgrade your service. Now the important thing is that you are able to upgrade without losing your data.

Different Operating Systems

Choosing your specific operating system is an important option. There are different packages and applications and each works correctly on different OSs. For example, cPanel is just possible to be run on CentOS distribution of Linux.

Different Payment Methods And Periods

In online businesses, we use different payment methods and wallets. Now it is important that the provider should accept most of the common payment methods like credit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and perfect money.

Also, choosing the best period for your service is important. Most of us don’t like to remember to pay for something every month, because we don’t have time for this. Also, to resolve this, you can subscribe to pay monthly for the service automatically.

But Are Unix-based Systems Safe? 

There has been a lot of talk lately about the emergence of new viruses for the Mac OS. This is true, and cyberattacks on the Mac have begun. Another implication is that Linux will naturally not be immune to cyber attacks. 

But the bottom line is that the number of attacks on Linux is much lower than on the other two operating systems, so there have been no serious attacks on Linux yet. Steven Wagon Nichols, a cybersecurity expert, wrote in the article that after twenty years of using the Linux operating system, he has not seen a single cyberattack on Linux. Ubuntu, on the other hand, installs the LMS or Linux Security Module by default on the system, which actively protects the user from possible cyber attacks.

Working with Linux is extremely difficult

Of all the common lies about Linux, this one is the most common. It really depends on how hard you work with an operating system! Is Linux Absolutely Hard? not at all! It can even be said that if you look at it from a different angle, Linux is the most logical operating system ever designed. Like any other operating system, all you need to do to get things done in Linux is to learn how to do it.

Perhaps the hardest part for those who talk about Linux in this way is learning the Linux commands. But the sum of the commands that are now required in Linux to do the basic work is hardly more than 50 commands and those are very easy to learn. Just ask yourself how many commands you have already learned in Windows. Of course, Linux is not harder than Windows!

The problem here is that many Linux students come to this operating system with a default: they come from Windows or Mac. If you expect Linux to behave exactly like these two operating systems, you will run into problems. But if you look at Linux as a unique operating system with its own behaviors and tools, Linux is even simpler than Windows and Mac. Just keep in mind that things are done on Linux using the Linux method, not necessarily the Windows method.

Provision Of Dedicated Resources

All of the users of VPS hosting companies expect to have dedicated resources on their VPS server. To be honest, some of the VPS hosting companies don’t want this! One of the abilities of the VMware virtualization system is that it won’t let administrators oversell and provide shared resources to the users which will keep the server fast and stable.

Linux is old and ugly!

Early versions of Linux were not very popular, especially when it came to beauty and graphics. This has led many Linux to have an image like DOS or Windows 98! Especially those who may have switched to Linux years ago. Linux was ugly and old in those days, but today …

The point is that Linux is so advanced in graphics and beauty these days that it’s safe to say that Linux has surpassed Windows and Mac in beauty. If you only have one type of graphics and desktop interface in Windows and Mac, there are more than 10 independent and diverse graphical and desktop interfaces in Linux that you can have any or all of them in your operating system environment. And you can change it any way you want.

Some of these desktops, such as KDE, are designed to be so beautiful and stylish that if you use them once, you wish that Windows or Mac had the same features and beauty. These days, Linux is the most beautiful operating system available, without a doubt.


OperaVPS offers the RDP & VPS Services with all requirements and features you need to have a good and reliable service. In this review, we checked some of these features that you see, which features can speed up running your startup in choosing an RDP & VPS service.

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