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Linkedin Paid Ads Are Overrated – The AI Powered ROI Alternative Unveiled

Adriaan Brits is the CEO of the Sitetrail Agency

What are the alternatives to Linkedin targeting and the highly overrated paid ads from Linkedin? As the audacious captain at the helm of Sitetrail, I’m unfurling the sails of a bold promise: a 120% “cost per lead” saving versus LinkedIn’s paid ads. It feels like we cracked the enigma of the marketing game, slicing through budgetary constraints like a samurai through a bamboo stalk.

In my recent newsletter, I unmasked LinkedIn Message Ads, branding them as “exceptionally overrated and overpriced”. After all, they occupy less than 2% of our crosshair targets.

My past as a LinkedIn contractor, where I schooled more than 200,000 digital marketing professionals in Advanced Google Analytics and Paid Ads, is the foundation upon which my assertions rest. Running a marathon of tests on LinkedIn Ads over years has led me to one conclusion: their use should be reserved for the rarest of cases where traditional targeting is like finding a needle in a cosmic haystack, and search demand is in a state of hibernation.

Now, let’s talk about the AI revolution at Sitetrail. This new AI-powered marketing package, priced at a crisp $999, promises 100+ targeted leads each month, bringing to the table search and social aspects that LinkedIn seems to have left at the doorstep. This is a far better ROI than what Linkedin paid ads deliver, with transparent deliverables.

Through the intelligent use of AI, we’ve taken a machete to the marketing package that formerly cost $8,000/month, bringing it down to a more digestible $999/month. These savings have been generously bequeathed to our clients, in addition to an unlimited access pass, effectively allowing them to pocket another $5,000 per month. This magic pass empowers clients to publish a tidal wave of AI-generated news content on 3rd party websites, amplifying their visibility to the power of infinity.

Included in the package, you’ll find organic social media promotion via Reddit’s hive mind, content sharing on LinkedIn feeds of influencers who command a legion of over 10,000 followers, email lead generation hunting down 100 new leads per month, and periodic boosts to social media followership or Google Maps reviews for reputation management. The cherry on top? An Unlimited PR Access pass.

Now, the elephant in the room – redundancy of certain marketing managerial roles. It pains me to accept this inevitable outcome. However, this turning tide presents an opportunity for visionary CMOs and CEOs to harness the wind of this technological shift. Recent research shows that humans and AI can co-exist and excel in the workspace, paving the way for a brave new reality.

In this dynamic landscape, I urge my fellow marketers to see AI not as a threat but as a vessel for unmatched growth. It’s an undeniable fact that AI is shifting the sands of our industry. Those who refuse to adapt may find themselves sinking. However, those who open their arms to AI have the chance to ride a tide of prosperity that has never been seen before.

Transparency is a core tenet of any advertising platform. However, I urge caution when dealing with LinkedIn’s advertising model. It’s hard to put your faith in a system that claims to have dispatched a sponsored InMail but doesn’t share the recipient’s details. This isn’t an accusation of ad fraud but an earnest call for more transparency.

Without it, can we truly trust the results paraded before us? In this constantly evolving realm of digital advertising, I believe Sitetrail, under my stewardship, is determined to bring unparalleled transparency and cost efficiency.

The bottom line? It’s an exciting time to be in digital marketing. As I drop the anchor on my claims and the guaranteed package from Sitetrail, it will be interesting to see if these innovations stir the industry’s currents. If they do, others might find themselves trying to crack the code of the matrix we’ve created.

Concluding with a little story on Linkedin Ads:

In the bustling city of LinkedIn Adville, different types of ads cohabitated, each bringing their own unique flavors to this digital metropolis. Let’s explore their narratives.

LinkedIn Conversation Ads were the social butterflies of Adville. They loved to chat, engaging the user in a dialogue within LinkedIn’s messaging system. These loquacious ads thrived on customizing the conversation flow with potential clients, making every interaction a unique experience.

Simplicity was the mantra of LinkedIn Text Ads. These plain-text format ads were the quiet companions often found on the side or top of the screen as users navigated the city. With a concise headline, a brief description, and a small image, they believed in the power of brevity.

The intellectuals of Adville, the LinkedIn Document Ads, were eager to share in-depth content directly within their personas. Be it presentations, PDFs, or Word documents, they served as fountains of knowledge for businesses wanting to provide more information about a product or service.

But life in Adville was not just about the ads themselves; it also revolved around their lifeblood: the LinkedIn Ads Cost. This term is the total expenditure incurred by an advertiser for running ads in Adville. The cost could vary depending on factors like ad type, the target audience, and the advertiser’s budget.

LinkedIn Ads Pricing was the economic structure defining the cost of advertising in Adville. Based on a bidding model, advertisers set a maximum daily budget and bid for their desired actions (clicks, impressions, or conversions).

Cost of LinkedIn Ads was another term often heard in the finance district of Adville. It encapsulated the total expenditure associated with running LinkedIn Ads, including the cost of creating the ad and the cost of bids for impressions, clicks, or conversions.

LinkedIn Carousel Ads, the entertainers of Adville, loved the limelight. They offered a more interactive experience for viewers by displaying multiple images or cards within a single ad. Each card carried its own story with a unique image, headline, and link.

Proud graduates of Adville Academy, the LinkedIn Ads Certified professionals, held a prestigious accreditation given to individuals who showed proficiency in LinkedIn advertising. Their certification was a badge of honor, demonstrating their ability to effectively create, manage, and optimize LinkedIn Ads.

Finally, the LinkedIn Recruitment Ads were the scouts of Adville. Their mission was to recruit new inhabitants with their target-specific job titles or skills. Their campaigns were expertly designed to guide potential candidates to job listings or recruitment pages.

Each term carries its own significance in LinkedIn Adville, bringing the city to life and ensuring it remains a dynamic hub for digital advertising.

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