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LinkedIn Marketing Secrets for Business Owners

LinkedIn became a platform that gathered professionals from all over the world. People use it for different purposes: looking for jobs and employees, sharing their knowledge while distributing expert content, communicating and interacting with colleagues and friends. In addition to all of this, LinkedIn is also a great marketing tool that significantly helps business owners reach their marketing goals.

93% of B2B marketers believe that LinkedIn is the best place to generate leads. That is a very impressive indicator. But LinkedIn has proven its effectiveness.

The platform is helpful if only you use it right. Check out the tips and tactics about LinkedIn to turn it into a good marketing tool.


Visuals – good images and videos attract more attention than just plain text. When you create content on LinkedIn, make sure to include relevant pictures, gifs, screenshots – just support the post with graphics to make it more interactive and engaging.

Place them in the right spots in the articles to drive attention to specific statements. It is also good if you offer any products to showcase your collections through an imagery portfolio. 

Keep it Personal

Even if you use automation tools to send out invitations, avoid the common mistake and try to keep it personal. Invitations should not be robotic. A personalized approach will leave a lasting impression on a customer or business connection.

People love attention, and including a small warm introduction inside the invitation increases the chances of accepting it.

And if you like to overcome the LinkedIn limitation, as it is not allowing you to make more than 100 connections per week, try LinkedHelper, a lead generation tool. It allows creating more than 100 connections, reaching out quickly to your second-degree and third-degree connections, and covering the wider audience.

Keep your page active

Don’t expect your page will grow independently. You have to put effort into it. The key to this is constantly being active on the platform. Spending about an hour throughout the day can help a lot. Send these connections requests, comments and like posts of others, don’t forget to share your original content and interact with your potential customers and business partners.

The more active you are, the higher the chance that people will see your profile, visit the page, get interested and contact you. Your activity is an organic way to earn leads and recognition on the Internet.

Don’t sell

It may sound contradictory. Why not sell on the platform when making sales and leads are supposed to be your main goal? Direct sales pitches may seem aggressive and forced and won’t be well received by customers.

Post about your product but don’t push too much. Describe its value, teach people how to use it, and tell them how it can help solve their problems and reach their goals.

Use your posts to start communications first, then build relationships, but don’t try to sell anything from the beginning.

LinkedIn page is your company’s face

Appearance is important. How your page is organized can tell a lot about your brand. Colors, content, and images should be consistent with your other pages and the website. In other words, your brand identity should be recognizable and seen on your LinkedIn page as well.

From making connections and boosting your brand awareness to generating leads and increasing sales – you can achieve many goals with LinkedIn. The platform will become a valuable addition to your digital marketing strategy. Use this professional playground to establish long-lasting business relationships. 

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