Lincoln Kills The Sedan and Plans To Add an Electric Crossover To Its Lineup 

Electric Crossover

In 2018 Ford announced the discontinuation of sedans, keeping only the Mustang and Focus Active. A bold decision that took the motoring world by surprise. They didn’t make the decision lightly. For years, sedans have become less popular with the American public who are switching to SUVs and Crossovers in droves. 

Now Ford is carrying this strategy over to its luxury brand, Lincoln. In 2020, Lincoln announced that it was killing the last of its sedans, the Continental, in favor of an all-SUV lineup. They also plan to add an electric crossover to the range. 

The announcement follows not long after Lincoln dropped its MKZ sedan.The death of the Continental brings to a close Lincoln’s sedan era. The company said the reason for removing sedans is declining sales. Last year, they only sold 6,587 Continentals

Across the automobile industry, SUVs and crossovers are in demand, so this is a smart move. Lincoln has to remain relevant as it competes against other luxury vehicle brands like Cadillac and Lexus. 

Once the decision was made, they didn’t drag their feet. In the U.S., the last Continental rolled off the production line at the end of October. In China, the luxury sedan will continue for one more year.

Lincoln Plans To Launch Its First Electric Crossover

Lincoln’s first electric crossover, the Mark E, is set to make its debut late 2022. This is not Lincoln’s first entry into the EV market. The Corsair and Aviator’s Grand Touring trims are plug-in hybrids. This will, however, be Lincoln’s first all-electric car. With many auto manufacturers already offering electric vehicles, Lincoln is finally joining the party. 

At this point, not much is known about the new electric vehicle structure, styling or features. Lincoln had originally planned to use Rivian’s skateboard chassis, but they’ve scrapped that idea. Speculation is it may be based on the Ford Mustang Mach-E powertrain with dual electric motors. 

Loaded with all the luxury features and tech you’ve come to expect from Lincoln, pricing for the Mark E is estimated to start at around $70,000. Lincoln’s EV will be a direct competitor to Cadillac’s first all-electric vehicle, LYRIQ, launching in 2023 and estimated to start at just under $60,000.

Ford is planning to invest heavily in EVs in the next few years, as much as $11.5 billion. Ford CEO Jim Farley confirmed that the company is committed to electrification, saying that electric vehicles are fundamental to Ford’s future and the Lincoln line.

What Will The 2021 Lincoln Lineup Look Like?

With sedans gone and an EV arriving in 2022, only four crossovers and SUVs make up Lincoln’s lineup in 2021. 

Corsair —The smallest crossover in the range was introduced last year. It seats five with two trim levels, and a third Grand Touring trim will be added in 2021.

Nautilus — The Nautilus also seats five and gets an interior revamp in 2021 that includes a 13.2-inch infotainment and wireless smartphone connectivity.

Aviator — A midsize luxury crossover SUV that seats seven. The Reserve gets a panoramic sunroof, the Black Label gets soft-close doors, and the Grand Touring will now come standard with two-tone 21-inch wheels. 

Navigator — A full-size three-row SUV that carries eight passengers. A large commanding vehicle that adds extra inches to the size on the extended-length L trim.

Which Lincoln Is Best For You?

Lincoln holds its own against other brands in the luxury vehicle segment. Which one you choose is influenced by the following factors:

  • Lifestyle. If you have a large family or you’re an outdoor enthusiast who takes regular camping trips, you’ll probably be looking at one of the more spacious SUVs. 
  • Price. You may be looking for a prestigious vehicle but at the lowest price and be happy with an entry-level Lincoln. The basic Corsair model starts at an affordable $35,945. 
  • Technology. If you’re a tech lover, you’ll want the trim level equipped with all the tech conveniences. For trims not equipped with the safety suite, Lincoln’s Co-Pilot360 driver assist package is available as an add-on.
  • Level of luxury. If traveling in first-class luxury is what you desire and you’re prepared to pay for it, then you have the pick of the lineup. The top-of-the-range Navigator starts at $76,185 and increases to $98,125 for the superior Black Label trim. 
  • Eco-friendly. The Navigator has the best fuel rating of 16/22 mpg city/highway. The Grand Touring trims are plug-in hybrid models. Alternatively, you can wait for the new fully electric vehicle to launch at the end of 2022. 
  • Other costs and considerations, such as warranties and insurance. Repairs on luxury vehicles can be costly. Lincoln offers a standard warranty, new vehicle limited warranty, and federal and California emissions warranties. Insurance for Lincoln costs, on average, $1,728 per year, but the more decked out the trim, the more you’ll pay.

Electric is the way of the future for automobiles. Lincoln’s move to cut sedans from its lineup allows it to redirect money towards the production of electric cars. Great news for consumers who will soon have another luxury option on the EV market. 

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