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Space is the ultimate destination for mankind. Since time immemorial, humans have dreamt of heading to the stars. From our prehistoric ancestors who looked above in the night sky, to our most advanced space telescopes that peer deep into the depths of the cosmos, humanity’s vision to expand into other worlds is a driving force of our dreams.

While we may all not be able to achieve this reality in our lifetime, Linceo gives us the opportunity to explore what it will be like to go to outer space.

Destination Mars: Our Sister Earth.

Mars, the Red Planet, is a source of many of our aspirations to break our bonds that tie us to earth. Close enough to plan a real human mission; the planet presents opportunities that can advance science, medicine and humanity.

Linceo brings this imagination as a sci-fi fantasy game. The mission: Head to Mars to build a colony.

This is easier said than done. As the mission commander, you are in the driving seat. Traveling through the emptiness of space, you have to carry all essentials with you to land on Mars and build a colony. On the way, you will need to collect “Stars”, giving you ranking in the game and can be spent for in-game items and upgrades.

However, you will find that space is not as empty as it seems. Asteroids, rogue comets and space debris are your enemy. You might find yourself facing a space rock that you can’t avoid and crash.

Don’t worry though. Since Linceo is a game, you can start over again!

More than Just a Game, Linceo is Social.

One of the biggest issues faced by players in modern games is that when the game is complete, they have nothing else to do. The achievements and glory are of no use.

Linceo changes this with its “Games Meet Ideas” strategy. Aiming to be the ultimate gaming platform, Linceo is building not just a game, but also a social tool. Players will have the option to explore the cosmos and play around (pun intended!) with their own ideas. They can create new missions, tasks and chapters for the game.

Players then can submit these ideas to the public Linceo forum. If the majority agrees that the presented idea is good and has merits that enhance the Linceo game overall, we will launch the idea as an official part of the game. The possibilities are endless and only limited by the unlimited human mind!

The Gaming Market is Huge.

According to IMARC Group, the gaming market crossed the $202 billion size in 2022 and it is expected to grow at a 9.08% CAGR for the next 5 years.

Within the industry, social games have increased in popularity in the last couple of years. With months of being cooped up at homes due to the recent COVID-19 global outbreak, the world’s population was deprived of social interactions. The gaming industry thrived as one of the best means of entertainment

Mixing in multiplayer and coop gameplay, online social interaction within games became extremely popular. While the world’s population is no longer confined within their homes, a niche was discovered and social gaming is still as popular as ever.

According to the Guardian, 2023 is the year of sci-fi games, with many new titles and reboots planned for launch. But with most games extremely heavy and requiring top of the line consoles and rigs, Linceo offers everyone a chance to explore the space with ordinary computers and handheld devices such as tablets and mobile – reaching out to more people than other big studios can with their games.

Why Linceo is Different.

If the social game building concept hasn’t won you over, the following advantages are sure to make you crave for Linceo:

  • It’s Free: The Linceo universe is free to play. You can play the game on our website and start your Mars colonization (and beyond) without spending any money.
  • We Did Say it Was Social: With multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends and other online gamers. Compete or team up to cooperate, the decision is yours. Impress your peers with your skills and Stars.
  • Linceo on the Go: Linceo can be purchased on different platforms, including Steam, Discord and many other platforms. This means you can play the game, regardless of what platform you are using or where you are.
  • Connecting With Others: Meet other astronauts and colonizers like yourself on Linceo. Share your winning strategies or discuss what others are doing to stay ahead of the curve.

Think that is enough? How about becoming a Linceo backer during the campaign on Kickstarter and gaining exclusive access to premium competitions. Be the real Star Lord you have always wanted to be!

For more information, check out the website today and register.

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