Lilcoin: The first self-stabilizing token of the crypto-world.


By breaking all odds, Lilcoin is leaving no stone unturned to emerge as a leading crypto token in the Industry.

There is no doubt that technological advancements have changed the game of not only business industries, but also art industries in a variety of ways that people could not have imagined just a few years ago. All of these technological advancements are now taking place, modernizing things and encouraging people to believe in the power of digital, which is taking over almost all fields and sectors, even the creative space. Lilcoin, a self-stabilizing token with consistent rewards for holders and no additional fees, has risen to prominence in the cryptocurrency trend.

About the algorithm:

With the arbitrage algorithm, Lilcoin aims to level the playing field by “arbing” the coin and distributing profits to holders, rather than allowing bots and institutions to “arb” it and keep the profits for themselves. For years, hedge funds and large institutions have been using this tactic, and recently, large crypto funds have followed in their footsteps. The company is the first to use this strategy to incentivize token holders.

How the arbitrage works:

When a token is traded on multiple liquidity pools or exchanges, the same underlying token will naturally misprice across the exchanges. This enables arbitrage, which is the practice of taking advantage of mispricing by placing a buy order on one exchange and a sell order on another in order to lock in a risk-free profit. The arbitrage profits are pocketed by institutions and bots. With the in-house arbitrage algorithm, the company hopes to “arb” Lilcoin across several defi pools, distributing all rewards to holders, using 20% of the initial supply set aside.

Advantages of Lilcoin:

Consistent dividends for holders / LPS – By utilizing our in-house arbitrage algorithm, the company hopes to be able to provide consistent returns (>5% apy) to its holders and liquidity providers throughout the year, safe and secure tokenomics – We prioritize the inherent value of Lilcoin with a fixed supply, no additional transaction fees, and price stabilization across liquidity pools, support for charity – 5% of the initial tokens were set aside to fund youth arts programs around the world. When the market cap reaches $1 million, donations begin.

Giving back to the community:

To give back to the community, the dynamic company claims to deposit ETH from sales into a community wallet that will belong to the Lilguys community. The money in the wallet belongs to the community, and it will be decided by a vote. In addition, every Lilguy holder will receive a $Lil airdrop.Doug Messer,, New York New York, United States.

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