LIFE Crypto is Delivering A Seamless Crypto Payment Infrastructure 

LIFE Crypto

“A new kind of money,” as expressly stated on the project website, LIFE Crypto aims to solve a pertinent issue in the crypto space—seamless crypto payments. Since the advent of cryptocurrencies over a decade ago, complexity in executing crypto transactions has become a recurring factor, deterring potential users from getting involved. 

At the core of these problems are the difficulty of executing transactions and the lack of a suitable platform to facilitate convenient borderless payments between parties. Thanks to LIFE Crypto, these sticking points will be resolved. 

LIFE Crypto—Guaranteeing Seamless Payments 

LIFE aims at revolutionizing the crypto market by delivering a non-custodial multi-chain and secure wallet that uses a nickname to send funds through several chains, ergo simplifying access to cryptocurrencies for everyone. Described as a highly secure wallet by the founding team, LIFE Crypto will give you total possession of your keys, ensuring that you can send funds to your bank account and friends. 

Scheduled to launch in the summer of 2022, as revealed by the team, LIFE will allow users to reserve their nicknames in anxious anticipation of the app launch. 

LIFE tokens are multiple-chain—based on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. 

Features of LIFE Crypto 

A solution to existing problems in the blockchain space, LIFE Crypto has introduced a set of features;

Easy Transactions 

Solving the complex problem that has acted as a deterrent to potential users in the last couple of years, LIFE Crypto will grant users hassle-free transactions, thus reaffirming its stance as a problem-solving crypto payment infrastructure. LIFE will provide flexibility and a grander level of simplicity to users, breaking the existing entry barrier. 

By introducing the concept of using a username or nickname to send funds, LIFE will pioneer a paradigm shift—onboarding, on a larger scale, individuals with little to no knowledge of cryptocurrencies. 

Simple to Use 

Prioritizing user experience, LIFE will promote more straightforward access to crypto through its excellent, user-friendly application. 

Full Control 

Besides offering a level of simplicity that is mainly associated with traditional payment gateways like PayPal, LIFE takes things up a notch by granting users total control of their assets. 


Completely out to revolutionize the crypto payment market on all levels, LIFE currently has a staking platform where users will stand to gain 30%, 35%, and 39% annual percentage rate [APR] for one month, six months, and 12 months consecutively. When juxtaposed with what financial institutions offer, LIFE Crypto is miles ahead. 

That’s not all; LIFE will allow users to see and cash out their rewards hourly. 

Additionally, a lock-up timer has been incorporated to enable you to see when your funds are free to be moved. 

A Debit Card 

Talks are underway with MasterCard to bring all LIFE Crypto users debit cards for their crypto transactions. LIFE is also exploring and in constant conversations with Visa as well. 

The LIFE Token 

Described on the website as the key to the entire LIFE ecosystem, $LIFE will play a crucial role in the ecosystem’s functionality, staking, transfers, retail purchases, debit cards, etc.

LIFE’s core preposition is bridging the gap between crypto and everyday transactions in the real world by delivering seamless and secure payments through usernames.  

$LIFE is currently listed on Uniswap, MEXC, and Gate exchanges. In a few minutes, users can seamlessly buy $LIFE from any of the above mentioned exchanges. 

Finally, LIFE has a team of professionals with vast experience in the tech sector after holding reputable positions at major companies like Microsoft, Oracle, etc. The goal is to become the number one choice of retail payment globally. 

To know more about Life Crypto, please visit the website or check out the latest updates on their Telegram channel or Twitter account.

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