Lien Protocol To Launch Crypto-Native Option Protocol Using Binance Smart Chain

The derivatives market, which is significantly larger in terms of market size than the underlying market, has observed the evolution of new blockchain-based financial primitives. A startup, in particular, is trying to develop a reliable decentralised stable coin & option protocol that is censorship-resistant and has achieved its first targeted goal by launching a platform on Ethereum.

An innovative blockchain startup, Lien, a protocol for creating Options and Stable coins out of ETH, is willing to do much more. Lien to create a Crypto-Native Option protocol using Binance SmartChain [BSC] on Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain and launch “Lien onBSC”.

Lien uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to build a favourable and transparent financial platform for the developer society to develop financial applications. Lien also allows creating on the user’s specific risk appetite. The project performed research and analysis and concluded that releasing its platform on Binance Smart Chain can be one of the best ways to achieve its key objectives. The project is also building a Layer 2 solution using zk-Rollup, which will allow scaling of Lien protocol while maintaining Ethereum level security.

“The technological developments fundamentally progresses the Lien project forward towards the ultimate goal of the Lienproject. We are always looking for innovative ways to increase the user base of crypto-native options, specifically, DeFi option users.”The spokesperson mentions this in a press release.

Why Binance Smart Chain is being preferred 

Binance Smart Chain offers user-friendly features such as low fees and fast transactions that allow casual use, a wide selection of wrapped assets, an active user base, and adaptability of Ethereumcontracts. With the above features on Binance Smart Chain, users that were priced out of Ethereum DeFi now have an opportunity to get familiar with DeFiproducts.” The history of derivatives in legacy finance gives us a hint of what is to come in DeFi. When derivatives were first introduced in finance, they were cutting edge financial instruments.” the spokesperson wrote via press release. “Some thought they were scammy; some thought they were a breakthrough in finance. As awareness grew and the public caught on, the use of derivatives exploded.”

The full functionality of Lien Protocol on Ethereum will be rolled out on Binance Smart Chain, starting with Call and Put Options on BNB and Exotic Options such as the Butterfly Option.

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