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Lidless Collapsible Crates Market: Need for Novel Storage Solutions to Drive the Market – Fact.MR Survey

Collapsible Crates Market

The market for Lidless Collapsible Crates has seen significant expansion, owing to increased demand from commercial applications. One of the key drivers of Lidless Collapsible Crates market growth in the commercial sector has been increased demand from agricultural applications. Lidless Collapsible Crates have become more popular in areas such as agriculture, retail, and commercial offices as a result of the need for compact and stackable solutions.

Manufacturers’ efforts to increase market penetration also contribute to the growth of Lidless Collapsible Crates. While the COVID-19 situation is predicted to dampen demand in 2020, the Lidless Collapsible Crates market is expected to increase significantly during the recovery period.

Lidless Collapsible Crates Market: Key Takeaways

  • North America has over a third of the market for Lidless Collapsible Crates, and demand is predicted to increase significantly throughout the forecast period.
  • While Lidless Collapsible Crates with a capacity of less than 50 L have a large volume share of the market, their lower prices have resulted in a moderate value share.
  • Solid-walled collapsible boxes now hold the majority of the market share and are predicted to rise 1.7 times by 2030 compared to 2020.
  • More than 70% of the market is dominated by Lidless Collapsible Crates with lids, which are likely to gain traction throughout the forecast period.
  • While industrial applications account for the majority of market share, residential applications are predicted to increase significantly and gain market share in the Lidless Collapsible Crates market.
  • In the Lidless Collapsible Crates industry, high industrial utilisation has resulted in a considerable percentage of direct sales.

“After the COVID-19 impact, the Lidless Collapsible Crates industry is likely to return and exhibit significant development throughout the recovery period.” The Fact reports that “investments in HDPE containers are projected to be very profitable for foldable crates makers.” MR expert

HDPE to Dominate the Lidless Collapsible Crates Market, Set to Grow 1.4x

In Lidless Collapsible Crates, the use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) has become considerable. HDPE is used as the principal material for Lidless Collapsible Crates by more than 70% of Lidless Collapsible Crates producers. The great durability of HDPE, as well as the high carrying capacity of Lidless Collapsible Crates constructed of HDPE, has led to a growth in consumer and business demand.

Several producers have shifted away from polypropylene (PP)-based Lidless Collapsible Crates and toward HDPE-based Lidless Collapsible Crates. Increased restrictions on the use of polypropylene are also likely to aid the expansion of HDPE-based Lidless Collapsible Crates. By 2030, the value of HDPE is predicted to have increased by 1.4 times above what it was in 2020.

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