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Liberty Dollar Re-imagined as Silver-Backed Cryptocurrency LD2 Takes Flight

Liberty Dollar Re-imagined as Silver-Backed Cryptocurrency LD2 Takes Flight

Las Vegas, USA The indigenous US-based alternative currency Liberty Dollar established in 1998 that existed ten years before Bitcoin, has been redesigned for the digital era as LD2, a cryptocurrency and digital token technology that is backed by precious metals. Each LD2 token serves as a receipt for a coin that is one troy ounce of custom-minted silver or gold.

LD2 is now expanding the initial issuance of its limited-edition digital tokens through a switch to a more environmentally friendly WAX blockchain from its original Ethereum-based ERC-20 token (powered by EOSIO). This move has made it possible to buy tokens with WAX tokens.

“The Liberty Dollar was extremely successful, not only as a private, alternative currency but also as an influential model for the cryptocurrency movement. By reimagining the Liberty Dollar through LD2, we have merged this tried and tested alternative currency model with blockchain technology,” said Extra von NotHaus, the LD2 co-founder, “Moving from Ethereum to WAX was a natural choice for us. With zero gas fees and carbon-neutral transactions, WAX is a better match with the ethos of LD2.”

LD2 joins other prominent content creators, like Atari, Funko, Marvel, and DC, who are already operating on the NFT-focused WAX blockchain. Beyond the fungible, LD2 is now creating a top-tier NFT 2.0 solution on WAX, which will finally bring real-world asset backing and price stability to NFTs. This novel approach may provide any digital NFT asset on the WAX blockchain real-world value by using silver bullion by employing LD2’s WAX-based token.

LD2 is Fully Backed, Redeemable, and Exchangeable

By leveraging Blockchain technology, LD2 will be able to retain the principles, spirit, methodology, and community that made the Liberty Dollar special, while also enjoying the rare privilege of expanding its functionality with new features, liquidity, and utility.

“Complete transparency and security, along with high transaction speed and volume, are just a few of the benefits offered by the WAX blockchain that enable us to bring this real-world value to cryptocurrency users everywhere, and now to NFTs as well,” said co-founder of LD2 Steven Brendtro. “There’s never been a better time to apply the lessons and success of the Liberty Dollar model to cryptocurrency and NFTs.”

LD2 digital tokens serve as blockchain-based digital warehouse receipts. Simply explained, this implies that a buyer purchases the physical silver in advance but receives a digital warehousing receipt in place of the silver right away. The digital tokens are always the receipt; LD2 LLC exclusively sells silver.

These tokenized receipts may be exchanged for real silver coins at any moment since the real silver coins are purchased upfront. Silver coins belonging to token holders are kept safe in a vault with full insurance that goes through stringent third-party audits regularly, with the results being published on-chain. The silver coin’s US$50 price includes the upfront cost of 10 years’ worth of storage and insurance in this vault.

Thus far, only 10,000 tokens have been issued, each backed by one troy ounce, brilliant uncirculated (BU).999 pure silver coin with the magnificent 20th Anniversary Liberty Dollar design. With less than 3,000 still available for purchase, coins are becoming increasingly scarce. In addition to their crowd sale, is now listed on the Alcor decentralized exchange and its tokens (which are backed by actual silver) may be exchanged peer-to-peer using WAX-compatible wallets without paying transaction fees.

Founded on a Prestigious Heritage

The first Liberty Dollar certificates were backed by actual gold and silver coins. At the time, over US$50 million worth of Liberty Dollars entered circulation over its first ten years after being created in 1998 by Bernard von NotHaus, a world-renowned alternative currency pioneer. Over 5,000 businesses in all fifty U.S. states accepted Liberty Dollar, which serviced over 250,000 customers. Eventually, the Liberty Dollar came to hold the distinction of being the most widely used alternative money in the US.

Long before Bitcoin changed how the world saw alternative currencies, the US government was interested in the Liberty Dollar because of its enormous popularity. The majority of the Liberty Dollar assets taken in the first raid had to be returned to the certificate holders, but after a ten-year court fight, Bernard was allowed to go with only a slap on the wrist. For owners of alternative currencies and bitcoin users everywhere, this was a significant victory.

LD2 is co-founded by Extra von NotHaus, Bernard’s son, and Steven Brendtro, who were former regional currency officers for the original Liberty Dollar. Leveraging on the sustained vision of the founders, it is expected that LD2 will have a worldwide presence that mirrors the heritage and remarkable history of the Liberty Dollar.

LD2 delivers real-world value to NFTs

LD2 will introduce open-ended versions of silver and eventually gold coin-backed digital tokens with the names LD2.silver and after the impending sale of the final limited-edition tokens. These tokens will be backed by top-quality coins, much like all other tokens generated on the LD2 system, but they won’t have the same designs. Real-time, tangible asset-backed debit cards are also being created by LD2 and are now being patented.

The decision to build on the NFT-centric WAX blockchain will benefit LD2 in many ways as the blockchain serves as home to popular creators such as Topps, Funko, and Marvel, along with game platforms Alien Worlds, Farmers World, Splinterlands, and HodlGod.

The NFT market is seeing rapid expansion and innovation, but it is also famous for having a high level of risk and its value could also plummet. LD2 is changing the narrative in many ways:

Silver-backed LD2 is on the cutting edge of next-generation NFT 2.0 technology. LD2 binds warehouse receipts directly to NFTs, which directly ties the NFT to vaulted physical precious metal. This is in contrast to alternative backing methods that rely on empty, fiat tokens that become equally worthless in a market correction. As with any LD2 protocol token, ownership of the connected warehouse receipt may be readily transferred from one person to another. The NFT 2.0 solution now has practical utility as well as a valuable asset with stable value.

It shouldn’t be surprising that NFT owners are eager to add genuine value to their NFTs, especially for games that offer incentives. This can be accomplished by LD2 by creating ultra-rare, silver-backed LD2 NFTs, catering to the physical backing for already existing NFTs from other content producers, and becoming the in-game currency of choice for NFT gaming platforms.

“Our vision is to create the ultimate form of crypto-liquidity backed by real gold and silver that belongs to the users,” said Extra von NotHaus. “We are proud of, and look forward to taking the next step and launching LD2.silver very soon. LD2.silver will allow far more individuals to take advantage of real, value-backed money and the benefits that bring to society, along with even more as we expand into the NFT space.”

It is now possible to buy tokens with WAX tokens.

“LD2 is certainly the best product of its type in the world and we have the best, most experienced team to execute its success,” Extra von NotHaus further stated.

About LD2 LLC

LD2 LLC is an American company founded in 2018 with the mission of re-popularizing value-backed money as a silver and gold coin-backed digital token protocol and cryptocurrency. Physical coins are secured in an insured and audited vault, guaranteed to back digital LD2 tokens on a 1:1 ratio. A limited-edition silver coin-backed coin is available for sale now, with less than 3,000 coins remaining. Following, silver coin-backed LD2.silver tokens will be made available as uncapped issuances on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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